What a difference a day makes … or six¬†

I leave Western Australia tonight for home. Molly, Max and Sammy wait for me there, as does a different path. A path that will require ritual, nurturing and above all else, patience. 

I trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment in time. 

When I arrived last Thursday, Mel and I created a mini workshop to complete with her cousin. The workshop involved affirming, I Am, and a manifestation of this through clay. It set the tone for the days that followed. I was open and excited to experience the opportunities that lay in wait. 

A huge thank you and bounteous gratitude to my buddy, Mel. She provided opportunities to try new things, meet many new people, see different places, and welcomed me into her life. I have met many people who are living their creative paths wholly. This has inspired and empowered me. Our friendship has grown because we have navigated hurdles with grace and honesty. I adore her, her beautiful family and her wonderful friends, many of whom welcomed me willingly into their worlds. 

What a trip! 

What a beautiful state; Australia’s best kept secrets reside here in WA. Such beauty and virtually untouched landscape. Whole foods abound – choice is vital for a healthy lifestyle – and regular commune with the divine is inevitable, consciously or not. 

I will return home, somewhat healed, refreshed, open and trusting. 

Forgiveness is a process. Trust is a process. But the return from both when given is monumental. A freedom of spirit and an enthusiasm for life that is unrivalled in the journey of personal growth, and fulfilling life goals and dreams. 

My life, since commencing my fertility treatments in the hope of conceiving and carrying and nurturing a child all of those years ago, has been frenetic and painful, but has landed me here. And here is pretty awesome. Renewed hope, renewed faith, renewed dreams and goals. 

What a privileged path and blessed journey. 


My Reading

I made the long trek to Lawson in the Blue Mountains yesterday. Such a beautiful trip; minimal traffic and a warm day. I arrived with time to spare and watched my reader’s cat amble to my car before I scared him away by opening my car door lol.

Judy was very casual and comes across as a happy person; I was instantly at ease and my usual shyness/reservation did not surface. I was a little nervous because Judy didn’t come recommended. I believe the very best medium/reader is my friend Jenny. She has set the bar very high and I was hoping that Judy might get close to it. I’d be happy with close to it and Judy did get close to it. So I left happy lol.

I only generally see a reader to clarify a direction or choice I face. At this point I’ve experienced a lot of intuition thus far in 2015 about my future directions. I am arrogant enough to verbalise them and have been happily telling everyone that this is the year I meet ‘the one’ aka my life partner. I announce that I love my school (not as much on the bad days) and that my headstone will one day be there whilst I argue with others that I’m not scared to leave, I just know that’s where I’m meant to be. And I still firmly believe that I’m meant to give birth. I decided to go to meditation classes to force my practice (yep, something there doesn’t read right lol). And I need to focus on delegation to attain balance.

The upshot of my reading was that this is all correct. Everything I have thought and envisioned was affirmed by Judy. And she added some suggestions like teaching meditation to teens (yes, I am qualified to do this, just lazy in my own practice currently). Brilliant idea! And a way to ensure my own practice. Basically I left feeling that I was on the right track and this was going to be a year of transformation, culmination and ultimately renewal for me. My hard work on resolving my dysfunction will pay off.

And today I started the regeneration by waking up at an ungodly hour and driving half an hour with a friend to watch the sunrise at Austinmer Beach. We then swam, laughed, chatted and contemplated before heading home for a cleansing day of cleaning.

The trick will be to continue all of this when work goes back. And demands are made. And resolve [may] falter at times.

A good year ahead. I’m excited.