Intergalactic Activation 

Waving my freak banner here. 

During the week I saw an event that one of my good friends was attending. Curiosity inspired me to click on the event to see what it was about; the name intrigued me. I don’t know much about other worlds and realities, and during my Body Talk sessions, mention has been made which had already piqued my interest. Also, since following my instinct regarding India and that being such a phenomenal retreat, I decided that anything that feels right I will do, regardless of fear (remember my snorkeling adventures). 

I’ve been on such a mad growth/transformation trip thus far this year, and I’m happy for the learning to continue. I feel so at peace. 

Well, not knowing what to expect and after waking at 9:25 (workshop starting at 10:15 twenty minutes away – this is not who I usually am) I made it on time and opened myself to whatever was coming. 

Amazing. So much reinforcement and so many things explained for and to me. For want of a better word, the workshop consisted of a series of meditations followed by discussion and laughter. Our host toned and channeled. 

Throughout our first session I kept hearing the word Palidean or something like that. I don’t know what it means. Googling may help, and it may not. But I have a feeling …

For many, many years I have broken into gibberish – random times – usually because I feel that my brain is going too fast and my mouth can’t keep up, or so I’ve told myself and others. In one of the sessions, I became overwhelmed by emotion as I recognized the tone of the language. But even before that, in the very first opening session, I saw a being. I thought, as you would, that I was just being silly. But later on I saw an illustration of a similar being on the wall. 

I wasn’t making it up; it was real!

Add the language, the goosebumps and ear ringing, and I felt less of a freak than I do in my everyday life. 

I was asked what I do. Hmmm, a bit of a lot of things, but teaching wasn’t my automatic response, neither was writer. And I realized I really am in transition this year with no real knowledge of what my life will look like after this year. It is liberating and empowering. 

Ideally, I would be living near the ocean and writing, running workshops to empower other people to be their best selves living their best lives. Together, we would raise energy and spread some peace. People working together to empower others. 

So much processing happening. 

And on the way home I got ‘lost’. A voice told me to trust and I did. I moved in the direction of home, through bush on dirt roads, and eventually came out at a point I recognized. You can’t ask for more than that. I could have used my phone but decided to trust. No stress because the phone was there; a safe gamble. 

And at home I remembered that last week I asked for my spirit guides to make themselves known to me. 

I think they have.