Just A Thought

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours of my day with one of my closest friends today. Both Lauren and I have faced struggles returning to reality after our amazing time away together earlier this year. 

Traveling really permits freedom – of the soul in particular. Reality often quenches this desire for wanting more from our own lives. We become time poor and learn to live in the rut that so easily can become life. My fear is that many people live this way, not sure how to get out of it. 

I think the remedy is quite simple. 

As the experts say, if we keep doing what we’ve always done we will keep getting the same results. To mix our life up, to change the energy, to shift the focus, and ultimately, to fix us, we need to change it up. 

For me, that meant moving through the foster carer process, initiating my business plan, looking at making changes at work. 

It is a scary road, initiating change. BUT vital if we are to reach our potential, feel fulfilled consistently, and be happy. Following our bliss brings these things. And if you don’t know what to change or what you want to do or where you want to be, find something small to do. 

Add an online course to your life, start something creative you’ve always wanted to do, go away for the weekend, give your bedroom or house a thorough clean up/out. 

Do anything, and just do something. 

Your destiny is yours alone. Obstacles are only obstacles whilst we give them power.