The Value of a Life

Trigger Warning: the link below is a Coroner’s Report for a deceased woman who died after sustaining injuries during a rape. It is very detailed. I advise young people to skip this post or at least do not read the report. 

Coroner’s Report for Norma

I found this on a Facebook page I really like. The page is focused on 365 Days of Misogyny in Australia. Today was Day 36.

Norma was out with two men she trusted. She was highly intoxicated. Too intoxicated to provide ‘consent’. Very rough intercourse caused injuries that resulted in her death. The two ‘friends’ did not access help for Norma even though she was bleeding profusely. They also lied to police about what happened. 

No charges were pressed by the DPP even though the Coroner recommended it. 

Norma was poor. She had multiple children to different men. She had been in relationships that were consistently violent. She was not raising her children. She drank and took drugs, probably recreationally. 

But she was loved, and she is a human being. 

Would the DPP have prosecuted if she had been wealthy, or the contrary to any of the above. 

I think so. 

This is wrong. 

All people, irrespective of social status, deserve justice. 

Why is Australia’s attitude towards women going backwards so fast? I just don’t get it.