Fostering: The Next Step

A big week ahead for me. On Thursday I am attending the Information Session for Becoming a Foster Carer in Liverpool. This is the step before filling out a formal application. This is the time I decide whether this is one of my paths.

It is also the final goodbye to my IVF journey and my hopes of ever being a birth mum.

I am torn a little.

I was also torn before I decided to adopt my pets: Molly and Max. And I struggled with the commitment of Amanda initially too.

I questioned whether I was capable and able to take care of another life. I questioned my mental health, my selfishness, my awareness, my knowledge … and then I googled, and googled, and googled, until I felt comfortable and safe.

And then it was okay.

I think this will be okay too.

But I am nervous.

A little scared that I won’t meet the criteria.

A little scared that I will have absolutely no idea …

A little scared.

And very excited.