The Importance of Voice in Healing Trauma

We all experience some type of trauma during our lifetimes; it is inevitable. The type of trauma can range from childhood trauma (accident, disability, abuse, you get the gist) to losing a child or parent or grandparent or friend or partner, or rape, unemployment, anxiety, the list is endless.

We are all different and we all come from different places; however, I believe that if we are to heal from this trauma, get to a point where we can think about it without anxiety, stress or pain, we need to give it a voice.

For me, the voice first came through when dealing with referrals at school, kids disclosing to me about their own abuse and/or trauma. I would then journal, always trying to get it out of my head so that it couldn't fester. My voice, unbeknownst to me at the time, has also shown itself through tattooing. My tattoos are all markers of moments, experiences and memories. Intermittently, I have journaled and spoken my truth during my life. In mid 2014, I started blogging, expressing my voice through written word to a larger audience.

As a result, I can speak about the truth of my experiences safely. Rarely does talking about, even my IVF journey, bring me residual pain that still needs to be resolved. Finding my voice and sharing my experiences has lessened the impact of the trauma.

It is through sharing (which requires a voice) that I have processed the events, re-lived them enough that they no longer hurt, and ultimately, become grateful for them because I am a better person as a result of them.

I would not be as empathetic, as compassionate, as sensitive, as loving, as resilient, or as inspiring without each of the traumas that I have survived and flourished from.

Finding and reclaiming my voice has been a long journey, starting from when it was first silenced when I was very young. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to healing trauma. For me though, finding and using my voice has been integral.

My voice is not your voice. But there will be a voice that suits/fits you. It might come through painting, or fitness, or drawing, or dancing, or running groups, or volunteer work, or traveling, or it could be like mine, through writing. I implore you, if you have suffered and endure trauma, give it a voice.

Share the experience. You never know whom you may help.

You can explore this journey with me further on my Facebook page Tina K Meyer.

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session Part 4

Connection to source: I received an image of Mother Mary in a Rivendell-type setting. A utopia; people just being in peace. My stomach started to vibrate through it's bloating as I said Mary appeared to remind me to trust.

It is important to note, I have never been a Christian and Mother Mary holds little significance for me personally.

I expressed that I had a fear of living, that people aren't threatened by someone who carries weight. My Higher Self came in at this point to talk to Gabrielle. HS said that Tina has now realised the importance of trust. And now needs to let go of the old life, old connections, to fully move onto the new (original) path.

My voice begins to radiate real strength and control at this point, wholly present, unlike the voice when I was speaking as myself, which sounded a bit drowsy/dopey.

The key is to empower others to heal so that I can continue to heal. I need to write and to stand in the light. Time in nature is necessary – feet on the ground, touching the earth, connected to the earth, every day feet in the grass.

I wish you could hear the voice of my HS: massive biatch, "She thinks driving from Campbelltown to Thirlmere is being in nature, but it's not, because she is not putting her feet on the ground … and she knows this. She doesn't make the time. She keeps saying yes to work she doesn't want."

The tone. Man, it's cutting. And hilarious, like receiving a scolding from a friend's parent.

They then discuss my choice to incarnate. I was supposed to stop incarnating a long time ago. HS then snaps, "She was told ten years ago that a book and healing were her path, and she went straight back to teaching. She knows. She needs to stay this path."

"She needs to trust that we will provide for her. As soon as she trusts this, abundance will come."

I need to take the steps to leave teaching and move wholly onto my next path. It's so funny. Anyone who really knows me, would be laughing at my voice scolding me so vehemently.

I heal through writing and I trigger the desire for others to heal through my writing. I need to realise and accept this.

Gabrielle then questioned why I had been shown the scenes that I had been shown. My five year old self was shown to remind me that even whilst I was scared and alone, my inner core felt safe and grounded. My HS then dobbed on me to Gabrielle, and let her know that before I moved into the next scene, I had placed my hands on my mother and father's foreheads to emanate light from their crowns into their being to allow them to heal faster.

This part has struck emotion deep in my soul; almost the desire to cry. An old soul in a young body emanating love.

My HS then lectures on the heart of the human being, the nerve centre as the stomach; nourishment, expulsion, health. I have a limitation by failing to protect myself when I am there for others. I give my whole self and so take on board the welfare of others deeply. My HS then mentions that they have sent someone to remind me to protect but I'm a slow learner. I also need to use moonstone and jasper to aid in this (I bought both on the way out of Krystal Kamali).

I also need to bless my food consistently and eat mostly a plant based diet to purify my physical body. I need to write affirmations as reminders, and put them up as a way of reclaiming my 'abnormality'. I need to create a list for each aspect of my new ritual; I need to create a structure to support the work I came here to do. I need to master these before I receive the next steps.

My HS then said that I wouldn't be surprised by any of this because I already knew all of it. This is true. Everything I was shown through my session was to remind me of what I already know to be my truth.

We have individual contracts for each lifetime, but we also have universal contracts. I'm not ready to activate my galactic guide but will be within six months (I'm seeing Uluru). My other guides are my guides for this lifetime; I have met the whole group. I need to nurture the child within, my spirit child, "She is birthing in other ways … her mothering experience has reached many many many other children."

We are not just one lifetime. We move from one lifetime to the next, one planet to the next, one universe to the next. Our physical body is just the body we chose for this incarnation.

We then moved to the grid work and my dreams. I live my Higher Self life during sleep. All I need to do is ask for a night off and I'll receive it; I need to voice and ask for what I want – that is one of my lessons for this lifetime. I need to be conscious that I'm working in many realms at once.

My work is to reprogram the individual to enable the reprogramming of the larger grid. The individual programming I have engaged in throughout the entirety of this incarnation: with my sisters, with the bullies as I grew up, in my role as a teacher in a system. Once the connection to that life is broken, abundance will come.

My HS kept reiterating that one of my lessons is to ask for what I need, to express that. Yep. I hear it. I understand. Meh. Also, my weight is the result of a life that I refused to leave even though I knew I should leave it so I punished myself. It's now time to let it all go. To accept that I'm not normal and my path will be everything but. "As she returns to balance, her weight will return to balance."

I think it's important to state that my weight was an issue I wanted clarification about which is why it featured through this session. Also, my best self is not served in teaching and my diabetes is a reminder that I've reached my use-by date in teaching, and my high blood pressure a result of staying in high stress situations, reminiscent of childhood.

My HS then told Gabrielle to let me know that Tara was with us during the session. Answering the call is the key and once one call is answered successfully, it becomes easier to answer every call. As that happens, growth happens faster. Transformation becomes inevitable. "Life does not need to be convoluted to achieve our aims."

We then scanned my body for density, injury, held trauma, and my HS massaged those areas and sent light into them.

I'd like to say that my body has been expelling everything since Thursday's session. I've been sick as everything comes out. I'm okay with that, "the expulsion of everyone else's garbage to create space for her own."


So, there you have it. A recount of the hour and forty three minute session I had on Thursday. I giggled a lot as I listened to it. I feel it is my truth. As I've said before, it doesn't have to be your truth. However, if you've had a similar experience, I'd love to hear about it.

I have googled, the nerd that I am, some of the visual references I received. They have all been validated by images from this dimension.

This is an interesting time. We are in a year marked by new beginnings and massive transformation. All I ask, if you are called to do something that will not cause injury or harm to others, answer the call; it will transform your life.

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session Part 3

I am listening to my recording. It is stirring up some strong childhood emotions. My voice feels different to me. Almost childlike at times. I feel so sad for me.

The first section focused on me and my dad's anger, and how I handled that within myself. I didn't speak my own anger and frustration with my parents when I was younger. Interestingly, when prompted, I said I was holding all of this in my stomach, and it was burning in my stomach. But, I believed that keeping the anger there would keep me centred and grounded. I also said that I spent a lot of time looking up at the sky and would often have to be reminded to "use my Head".

Gabrielle then asked me what I would like to do with the energy that I've been holding in my stomach for forty years, to release it, and I said that I'd like to scream. I screamed. Primal. Raw. And, then a big sigh.

I let go of my balled up fists as a five year old. I felt my five year old stomach release even though it still felt tight. My forty six year old throat became sore and I started coughing.

"She didn't have a voice," I said.

My stomach then felt very bloated, and I remarked that it felt very full of air. Gabrielle directed me to the air in my belly and I saw Saturn.

I went to Saturn. Dry and red rock. Then I described the alien form. I was happy with the big belly; it was my belly. I couldn't see the buildings on Saturn but I knew that they were there. And then I felt that they weren't on the planet, and I moved to the scenes from Bolivia with the man, his wife and the toddler.

I found a gold key there. It was a key to my past around health: getting back to basics, simple living, balance and harmony. The woman wanted for nothing. She was satisfied within herself by the connections around her. And then it moved to the birthing scene. The baby was born too early. The woman was very, very sad, in a lot of pain, and her husband was outside, also very, very sad. Their child was of spirit and we carry those children with us.

Her pain was in her right knee because she had been unwilling to move forward. I then watched the woman unwrap the bandage from her knee and stretch her leg out. Her spirit magnified and a white silver light encased her in a positive way; her spirit became lighter. She started to smile. Her husband is surprised. They hug each other and cry together. Her energy shifted with his, and they became encased in soft pink energy and their hearts connected.

As their hearts connected, I felt warmth in my stomach, and breathed that energy into my traumatized parts of self. First to my stomach, then to my ovaries which I described as "dead ovaries, not for childbirth", and then I felt relieved and liberated, "That wasn't my path."

I interpreted the liberation as permission to not live a normal life and to reach my fullest potential. I then received, or so I said, that I had had many lifetimes with many children. And then my stomach illuminated to a crystal light. My body became crystalline and you can hear my voice, in awe, of what I was seeing. The crystal started to shatter but not to destroy me, it was destroying blocks I had created.

I then stepped out of my body and saw what Gabrielle called, my purest essence, a white ball of energy. I could then see the world from a higher dimensional perspective. I was seeing this because I needed to remember, and I moved to a shimmery form between lifetimes.

There were a lot of shapes there but I couldn't see clearly. I felt like I was sitting at what we would call a desk but wasn't a desk. I was reading and smiling; I was happy with the lessons I had decided on for this lifetime.

I am meant to make a difference; meant to help raise the vibrations. There are a lot of us who have come for this same reason. We will come back again, together, and we will succeed next time. I told Gabrielle that I had goosebumps.

My soul group and I all chose to come back; we didn't have to. There are many more of us to still come. We are spanning many generations in this lifetime, and we have had many before but the numbers are growing.

Gabrielle asked why our mission was so important, "Because we need to be happy. We need to make the planet happy. And then the universe. And the universe can't be happy and fulfilled and in balance if the planets aren't individually in alignment."

I then moved to a cooler day in a different dimension; the raised vibration and potential of the Earth realized. We keep coming back because we are trying to get home, to where we are supposed to be, to Balachus.

I then talk about how the planet has been corrupted by pollution, movement away from spirit and from knowing. I then mention the code of respect and nurture, but we have let other beings come in to rape and pillage. Their aim is to make us forget who we are and where we came from. They have sent distractions.

And then I saw ghouls come through before moving higher than the Earth. From there I could see the grid points over the Earth and I described them to Gabrielle, the lights connecting the universe to the planet. Then I saw myself standing there with others, and we were nodding and happy, and we will see our mission completed successfully.

Our cloaks were foggy white with stars. We have no name, "We just are." And my voice again, just in awe, as I watch and recount what I'm seeing. The planet actually lifted. The lights get brighter and stronger as they go in and come back, "creating a light connection," and then we move to darker planets to help them.

Man, you need to hear this to believe it I think.

I then see us preparing to go to heal the other planets. There are many of us but in the core, only six or seven. The people behind us are a pale light but we are all progressing. Taking many incarnations, millenia, but it's not in Earth time, it's all in the moment.

I then say I became distracted this life time thinking I had to present as normal (wtf – really). It took time, I say, because it took time for me to realise and accept my full potential, but also because I needed to garner trust to be able to empower others to trust me.

We are all meant to be doing this work. People need to be awakened to do this work fully. People remember they should do this work but their own healing obstacles stop them from fully engaging (this is virtually word for word I swear). When they heal, they can reprogram.

This was the first fifty minutes of an hour and forty three minutes. There will be a Part Four. I need to process what I've just heard. I'm a bit blown away.


There is enough for everyone.

I think I might finally be starting to believe this. It has taken me a week to process my Hay House Writers Workshop experience. And it was reading a blog piece by someone I met last weekend that has allowed the final piece for now to sit comfortably.

Since the success of my India experiment (answering the call, trusting I will be fine, being true to the experience, letting go of redundant labels like shy), I head in to each new experience with an infinite sense of trust and calm. I didn't know what to expect from the Writers Workshop so I chose to expect nothing; I answered the call and that was what I was supposed to do. That was enough.

I pre-booked my parking. I never do this. But I answered that call too. I missed the entrance. The GPS said I had arrived and did not reroute. I took a deep breath, and with logic and faith, I made my way back to the parking station. I lined myself up for a spot and a zippy car sped into it. I did a u-turn a little further down and came to park in another spare spot.

I tell you this because this run of events is usually so inconsequential in our lives that we do not pay any mind to them. As I tried to navigate myself to the Convention Centre, a lady asked if I was going to the Workshop. I said yes.

We started walking together, we registered, we sat together, we ate together, we met up for breakfast the next day, sat together, ate together, met new people together, had our books signed together, had photos together, and not ready to leave this 'new' friendship, had a drink after the workshop, together.

The conversation flowed easily and went deep almost immediately. Another of my tribe.

I have opened space in my life by jumping this year. As a result, I have given permission to myself to explore new things, meet new people, and move more fully into who I am. My heart has opened, my mind has opened, and I'm living with more conscious purpose than I have in a long time. So, it follows, my life has opened.

And, the real beauty in this, is that my old life (the parts that served me – friends, working with kids, healing, writing) are staying with me whilst I build my new life (taking what serves and leaving behind what doesn't serve me any longer). I feel so liberated.

I am struggling to break old connections. Teaching in schools for money is the greatest obstacle I face; that routine and that connection have been my life for over twenty four years. I am still working on manifesting financial freedom, but I think I just need to relax into it rather than focus on whether I have enough money all of the time.

And trust in abundance; there is enough for all of us.

Dr Ali Walker spoke at the workshop. She resonated for me. She had set her intention to become a Hay House author, put symbols on the fridge, focused entirely on it, and when Hay House rejected her manuscript, her life as she knew it, ended. The intention had not manifested and she was emotionally broken. Knowing her message was important, she started over, more relaxed, and Hay House has published her message.

I need to relax. I've set my intentions. I need to now release them for manifestation, in whatever way they will serve me best. I trust in this.

After all, there is enough for all of us.

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session Part Two

I have woken less heavy after a really good sleep. Throat is sore and nose is still running – emotional release and needing to still express some stuff. I think, for me, that needs to be done in writing but also with my sound voice.

Anyway, I haven't listened to my recording yet. I took some serious time out for myself last night after showering and blogging.

I remember snapshots of the experience. One of these was my current physical form exploding apart as shards of crystal lodged into it. This sounds painful but it was actually liberating. The physical form still existed, but in a frozen fractured state. I felt free of all that I have carried through this lifetime thus far.

And I can assure you, that emptying has manifested in this reality since my session yesterday. Initially bloated after the session, that air has released and taken everything solid within me lol. Hopefully not too much information for you.

One of the most incredible sections of my session yesterday will appear unbelievable to many (I think, but I hope not to be honest). As I have said before, this is my truth; I do not expect it to be your truth.

I was standing (not as me, but as an energy me, my essence) at the apex of a triangle with many others streaming out behind my core group, at all stages of evolution. We were standing in the galaxy, looking through the universe and onto planet Earth. We were standing, levitating, above the grid. The grid was lightly lit; the constellations doing this at points.

We were watching spears of energy manifest, and arrow into key points of the planet before forming arcs of connection between all that is, and all that has been. It was palpable. We were watching incredible healing take place from the grid and the healing was raising the Earth's vibration out of the third dimension.

Earlier in my session, much earlier, I had been taken to a place that was not this physical manifestation of Earth. It was a fifth dimension manifestation, and it was the Earth. No longer called Earth but Balachus (I know, crazy I must be; however, I questioned whether I was making it up and came to the conclusion that this is what I received; my knowledge hurts no one so I'm resting with it. I can't prove that it isn't true). It was beautiful. Vivid colours and shapes, ethereal. And, completely peaceful.

The session, and this particular 'scene', validated my recent healing experiments and theories. Individual healing with physical, creative manifestation released, will transform the larger grid as well as an individual's own grid.

This is my current soul purpose.

I feel empowered this morning. Sick but empowered. I feel stronger in my reason for being here.

Oh, I slipped into third person whilst I was in the theta state towards the end of my session. Most of you who know me, know that I do this randomly anyway; however, this time, and possibly every time, it was my Higher Self talking to Gabrielle and answering her questions. I have channelled before and this is pretty much what this felt like. My Higher Self though, is cold and straight to the point. It doesn't take any garbage.

My Higher Self summarised what I needed to do and connected the different scenes. It told Gabrielle that I have everything I need to do my work. I need to just get on and do it. But I won't do all of it quickly. I will still retreat to my old life for a while.

I'll post Part Three after I have listened to the recording on Sunday. Heavy.

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session

Man. My body is just so incredibly heavy. I saw my first client this afternoon, but just couldn't make it to the next one. I drove home with googly eyes, not wanting to focus on this reality, desiring to go inwards, to hide and to process and to feel. My throat and head was speedily filling with flu like symptoms, and a hot shower followed by winter pyjamas was calling my name.

I'm now on the lounge. The heaviness is still all through my body, forcing me to be quiet. But the heat of the water on my body has moved something.

Today was an amazing experience. I remember some of it. As part of the process, I need to listen to the recording at some point within the next three days. I will take notes.

I feel very validated. My experiences as a child were validated and residual anger released. And not just my family dysfunction. When I was young I had powerful, and often prophetic, dreams.

One in particular stands out. There was a massive train derailment. People in white were there salvaging what they could, supporting those still alive, there was devastation everywhere. The following morning I told my mum because it had been so lifelike. Later that day, the news revealed a massive train derailment in France and I watched, on the screen, what I had been part of the night before, in my sleep state.

Another that has stayed with me, not so much prophetic, possibly a reminder of my soul purpose after today's session, involved a massive war, armies marching against each other, and a young girl standing between them, coaxing the soldiers to turn inwards to see and feel their own hearts, accepting that war was not what they wanted. She was successful. I believed I was that girl, and that I possessed infinite power to bring healing to the planet.

In fact, when I first started teaching, I was interviewed by the local newspaper, alongside other teachers, and I expressed that my goal, my purpose, was to change the world. I stand with that now.

There is more than one way to achieve this.

Neither of these memories came forward in the session, but they have stayed with me since their arrival earlier this afternoon.

My session opened with my five year old self, wearing blue pants and a red skivvy jumper (it was the seventies). My practitioner, Gabrielle, asked questions so that I could convey what I was seeing. I was in the city. Terraced houses lined the streets. There was a bench. I was sitting on it. It was like a little community park amongst suburban urban.

I felt centred and grounded, but I was lost. I can still see myself so vividly. My dad came up to me, body-less. I could see the anger in his face, in the line of his jaw, a parent's fear. He was shaking me. My mum was standing behind him and to the side. Neither of them was their age now.

I retreated within myself. Outwardly I was calm, untouched, unmoved. Inwardly I was tense, and sobbing, and screaming. My fists were balled and rigid by my sides. I was there and not there, all at once. Gabrielle asked where my body was feeling the emotion. I replied, "In my stomach."

It was glowing red, hot, with bands of burning embers around the integral mass. She asked what I felt I needed to do to release this anger. I said I wanted to scream. She told me that if I felt safe, I should.

I did. A deep primal roar escaped my body, burning my throat on its way out, and tears came with it.

From there I moved to Bolivia. A man outside his white clay home. A toddler crawling in the dirt as his wife exited the door, carrying a basket with sticks. They were not sad, but not happy. There was something there.

We went backwards. She was lying in a blood drenched bed. She was screaming. Primal. Her baby had died. She could not have more children; her body had been ripped apart by this violent death birth.

The toddler was spirit. The toddler was staying with them. Her husband was outside, small, broken, grateful that she was alive, ashamed he could not protect her.

We returned to their present. As she came out with her basket of sticks, he moved towards her, their foreheads touching, eyes closed, and the connection drew pink energy from them, connecting them, and he held her. It was calm. Gentle. Pure love.

I think from there I left Earth. I became my alien self. Brown and green mottled reptilian skin. Thin legs and arms, big belly, his healing center, and typical alien shaped head with big eyes, surveying Saturn.

The next that I remember, and I feel there is a lot I just missed, was me surveying the universe and it's grid. Spears of energy were being focused in key aspects on Earth causing a bridge between galaxies. We were pure energy.

This is my future work. This is my purpose.

There is a lot more. For today though, this is enough.

No, I'm not crazy. Yes, I do believe all of what you have just read. We would be utterly ignorant to think we are all that there is. This is my truth. It is okay if it isn't yours. I won't judge you. Please, do not judge me.



In 2005, I became a mother of sorts to a young girl. Life isn't always what we expect; and life had been this way for this young girl. She innately knew that there was better out there and she wasn't going to settle for anything less.

She was very unhappy with her home on the Central Coast and moved to be with family near Sydney. She thought it would be better and it would enable her to build the life that she wanted. And it did, but not the way that she expected it to.

She was very sad most of the time. But she also possessed a drive for more. She continued to get up and get dressed every day (brushing her hair wasn't an every day or even every other day occurrence, but you can't have everything in life lol). She continued to come to school, and learn and build relationships that would serve her, and that she could serve.

Until one day she couldn't anymore live the way she had been living. She was fed up with the daily pain, the waiting, the not knowing how to fix it, the everything that wasn't serving her. And we ended up at the hospital together, waiting and waiting, and hysterically laughing at everything. Like we were crazy.

And we are.

She made the decision to be better, to get better, to create and be more wholly in her life. She was sent back to the Central Coast and she really started to fight for what she perceived was hers.

She didn't want to be there. And so she made sure her stay was temporary. She organized her own accommodation back in Sydney. And then, almost every day, she trekked a significant distance to the school she had made her home.

She started to smile again, she started to believe again, she started to breathe again. And we loved her.

She finished high school, graduated, and went to Uni. She graduated Uni, and her future husband and I were there to bear witness. She found work, she explored, she made some crazy decisions, always trusting her self. She worked hard to manifest the life that she knew she deserved and that she wanted.

She asked me to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. There are no words to express this moment. The feeling of pride … momentus. When she decides to do something, she does it. Damn any obstacles that arise; she slays them.

I am incredibly proud of her and feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life, still. She is a strong, intelligent and driven woman. She is someone that I admire and respect. And she is my child; the universe truly conspired to give her to me, knowing it wasn't my path to birth my own.

And, I love her. And I am grateful to her for never giving up on me.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I love you!


Setting the Intention

Since I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. At first I didn't think I knew enough. Then it didn't pay anything. Then I took on teaching as a back up, which I'd also wanted to do since I was a child.

Last weekend I attended the Hay House Writers Workshop in Sydney.

Needless to say, I now want to be published. I realize I publish here relatively regularly. But as a book. That I wrote. And marketed. That bit is scary but I've decided it is do-able.

Originally, I wanted my first published book to be about this year. Then I realized that whilst this year has been amazing, the book I need to be writing now is my journey healing from a childhood of physical and sexual abuse. That is where my message lies: self-empowerment and happiness.

To that end, I have created a Facebook page for myself in the role of writer. It is my professional page. Each Sunday I will post a video – yikes – relating to the issue, my book, the process. Whatever is appropriate for that week.

If you like reading my blog, especially the childhood trauma and healing stuff, and you want to be updated each week and contribute to my process, please give me a like or share via Facebook or Instagram. My professional name is Tina K Meyer on both.

I will be grateful.


A New Moon 

I have been chanting two mantras for over seven days now. Both are about manifesting abundance in my life. Yesterday afternoon, randomly, a woman who owns a tutoring business locally, approached me to offer the sale of it to me. 

Since starting my tutoring business, this is what I have envisaged it growing to. However, my end game is a wellness centre. I’m going to see the business space today, and the question I need to ask: is this a step or a detour? 

It will take me out of teaching, definitely. But will it take me to where I ultimately want to be. Do I want to take someone else’s business on or grow my own? Is the business model that the tutors work under, harmonious or discordant to my business philosophy? Is there space to operate weekend workshops, meditation and healing? 

This is an interesting time. Regardless of the decision I make, my excitement and wonder at the offer has reinforced that this is the direction that I need to move in. 

I need to let go of the fear, embrace the challenge, put my best business mind into gear, and actively start planning, one way or the other. 

So, new moon last night; a time to set intentions. I wrote mine down in my healing journal …

And then I pulled this card from my Lightworker deck …

And I read what it meant …

And I laughed and laughed and laughed. 

Just a quickie 

As anyone who reads regularly knows, I am in massive transition this year, moving away from the life that was and into the life that will be. And obviously, there will be some minor obstacles, hiccoughs, and the like. Change is rarely simple or easy. 

What I have had an epiphany about this morning whilst responding to a friend (truth be told, something I probably needed to say to myself more than to her), was that the obstacles and ensuing sadness, have only really come in moments when I have struggled to let go of my old life. By this, I mean when I am feeling resentful because I feel snubbed by my old school, or when people I thought would stay in contact haven’t, or when I am fearful I won’t have enough money so kill myself working long hours. 

When I resist the changes, I feel the friction and this causes moments of unhappiness. 

If I flow and trust and embrace what is happening in the present, and trust, because I know that I will be okay, more than okay, in the future, life should become easier. 

I know this yet still need reminders. Shaking my head but I guess I am only human so should cut myself some slack.