And a bit more 

Doubly grateful today. 

Epiphanies are grand. I had one today. I love gratitude journals (go figure). I think they are brilliant for working towards happiness. I don’t know that they work as well with anxiety. 

So, today, three days in to waking up without anxiety and only experiencing discomfort at points yesterday, I had an epiphany. I’ve asked one of my kids to trial it. 

It’s a Control Journal. Rather than listing gratitude, you list the things you had control over during the day to the point that you are writing in your Control Journal. 

I’m thinking I could be on to something with this … 

Yoga now. 


Day 2

I have decided that May will be my month of public gratitude. Yesterday, unintentionally, started it. 

My anxiety shifted during today. I am closing today in a more positive mindset. I had almost three hours of no anxiety today. First time in many, many weeks. 

I love teaching. I am grateful that I am able to do it each day for as long as I choose to. I am grateful for each and every one of my students, both past and present. I become inspired every day by my students. Most battling their own demons, and surviving with love and courage in their hearts. 

I love my colleagues, my friends. The love that they show me every day is a very special gift. They tolerate me on my bad days, and never fail to try to pick me up. To go to a workplace every day, where people have your back without knowing what is going on in your life, is such a special thing. A smile, a hug, a kind word, a giggle … Goes a long, long way. 

There are no words. For the first time in months, I arrived home happy to do some more school work and feel light after completing it. 

And to Liam, your essay impressed me. 

The Importance of Acknowledgement 

Today I have something to say. It extends from gratitude. Anyone who has ever had down times and spoken to me for any length of time knows that I am fully into gratitude journaling, in a myriad of forms. 

Gratitude journaling is ultimately for the individual. The impact it yields for others is unintentional and often, very subtle. 

I think that needs to be extended into acknowledging what other people do and even who they are to us. 

What I mean by this, is that if someone helps us or does something for us or makes us feel that the world is perfect for a minute, then acknowledge it. Tell them. 

Acknowledge the good that others do. Make it part of your daily practice as much as gratitude journaling should be. 

I think it could change the world. 

Almost overnight. 

To start this year, public acknowledgement goes to … 

Ann, my writing mentor, who pulls apart my work brilliantly, inspiring my passion to keep writing and to keep working to get better. One day I will show and not tell (hopefully) effortlessly. Thank you!