Writer. Teacher. Thinker.

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Niece. Cousin. Friend.

Witch. Activist. Believer.


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    • THANKYOU. I firmly believe that travel to both first and third world countries and exploring as many options as you can will help you find it. I was very blessed to find all of mine early on even if I didn’t realise that’s what they were. Trust that you are on the path to finding it. I advise my students to travel; when I travelled I discovered my authentic self because you only choose who you will be when you travel.


  1. G’day Tina! Great site and for as long as I’ve known you I learned a thing or two that I didn’t know.

    Keep up the good work! You got me through Year 12 and on to my second Masters!

    Never change who you are….. We love you miss! And so does Eddie V.


  2. I thought I’ll just have a quick read of your first blog, here I am 30mins later still reading. Truly inspirational and I love it and you! Xx


      • JodieScott. You cannot remember the name of every student you ever taught….surely…although I secretly wish all my favourite teachers do. I vaguley remember an Eddie Vedder framed picture on the wall. Were u a vegetarian? I always thought of u as a vegetarian for some reason. You wore Doc Martens…dark clothes and stuff. You were well loved by us, I’m pretty sure of it….we felt the love back, I’m pretty sure of it…

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        • Lol you are absolutely correct on all of that. ❤️ Pearl Jam and Eddie still. Still vegetarian. Still wear Docs just not as often as I used to – more in winter Than summer. I was well loved and I adored all of you. You can be absolutely sure instead of pretty sure hehe. How are you?


          • “You can be absolutely sure instead of pretty sure”: Looking back, I think you may be the most genuine human being I’ve ever met thus far. (sorry I took u for-granted)I was sorting through all these old school photos that were gathering dust and started searching online for my old school mates and teachers. I may well be the only person in the world who has chosen not to set up a facebook page! I do enjoy your blog. You, James Altucher, Steve Pavlina and Chris Guillebeau’s blogs are really great. There are certain things a person reads that they wish they could read for the first time all over again…it was better than good…And I spend maybe too much time reading…But I do hope you get your book published. And I hope to read it also

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  3. Hi Tina, how are you.. I’m loving your blog, very inspirational and so easily attracts my full attention.

    I’m hoping for some guidance on a subject and am hoping you could email me your email so I could write there?

    Thank you


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