F’ing George Pell

I am massively triggered.

George Pell’s sentence is 3 years 8 months non-parole period for five counts of sexual abuse.

Justice Kidd spoke for an hour or so to justify this piece of bullshit. At any rate, Pell should have got the maximum.

Six years and he still maintains he is innocent, so no remorse shown. One victim dead from an overdose and the other living a life sentence, having to reconstruct and rebuild his life.

How on earth are kids and adults supposed to feel that they can trust the justice system and disclose sexual abuse when this is the punishment that is meted out.

What the fuck is going on with this world.

2 thoughts on “F’ing George Pell

  1. In my line of work, I have had to watch paedophiles get sentences they didn’t deserve. I watched as Maurice Van Ryn was sentenced to 13 years for the lewd sexual acts he performed on his friends children. I sat and listened to every detail of every occasion of abuse he inflicted on these poor children.

    I heard his defence. He was mentally ill apparently. He ended up appealing his sentence and got less time. He is currently in gaol, on protection with other paedophiles as if he was with other prisoners, he’d be ripped apart.

    Paedophiles know what they are doing. And to hurt a child is the worst act possible, especially when that person, like Pell, is in a position of power.

    There would have been no sentence which would have been enough, but the fact that Pell could be out in 3 years is just horrific. Nothing will fix the hurt the victims and their families have endured. One even killed himself, leaving his family with a life sentence. That kind of destruction deserves a harsher punishment.

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