Integrity 🤪

John Demartini says that when you work from a place of your highest values, your life feels better and there is less time for less important/trivial stuff to come in and take your time up. He says, that if you can, you delegate or pay someone to do the less important stuff.

I love mowing my lawn and taking care of my garden, but I’ve become exceptionally time poor. This has resulted in me feeling guilty for not getting the yard done as quickly as I would like to. My yard is tiny – it doesn’t take long.

Guilt, guilt and more guilt.

And I also hating not having a space I love look beautiful.

Just before I left for work yesterday, a post from a local business popped up in my Facebook feed saying that they had availability for mowing today.

I messaged.

They replied.

By 8.30 this morning, my lawn looked beautiful. I supported another small business. And I don’t have to worry about doing the lawn today or tomorrow or Sunday.

Now I have guilt free time to dye my hair.

Everyone’s winning.

I’m living this new me. Giving myself permission to do what I need to be happy and balanced.

It’s the small things that make a difference.

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