Finding My Life’s Purpose

On Friday, 21st December, 2018, my resignation from the NSW Department of Education became final. I no longer have an employer. I am self-employed.

I am liberated from the perceived shackles I wore for 26 years.

There were a few moments of tears. Grief for the career I thought I would die in, happily. Grief for leaving a place that had been home for so long. Grief for the laughs and learning that no longer would occur with me in A4.

The ashes of my dreams.

I left for a cruise to New Zealand with my first Head Teacher from Reddall the following day. Exhausted from working seven days a week for seven months, with only a few days off during that time and no pyjama days.

It took a week for me to breathe. I’m still tired, but no longer exhausted.

On New Year’s Day, I set my intentions for this year.

I am fully booked with tutoring. I have friendships and working relationships blossoming with Michelle and Fiona to create more wellness workshops. I want to write and finish my book.

It took coming home for me to realise what was in front of me all of the time. My life purpose, things I couldn’t do whilst teaching.

I need to advocate for child trauma victims to receive mandated trauma counselling whenever a referral of abuse/trauma is made by an adult on behalf of a child. After trauma, it should not be the child or parent or School’s decision. Trauma impacts until it is resolved and/or processed.

I need to offer and facilitate a ‘support group’ for adults who have experienced trauma in their past and feel stuck because of it.

I need to become more active in my local business network.

I need to finish my book. I need to share my learning and my own healing so that someone else may feel empowered to remove their own shackles.

We all deserve this feeling of renewal and of purpose. It is my wish for everyone for this year – passion for life because we understand our individual and collective purposes.

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