Just One More Year

I thought I could work part time in a school for just one more year to get my finances back on track. As a fail safe to my own stubbornness, earlier this year, I asked a friend to tell me if she felt it was time for me to leave earlier. I told her I would argue, but I would need to hear it.

On Tuesday, a student, no idea who, decided to smash the windscreen on my car. It became undriveable, I had to cancel clients, and I woke up on Wednesday with cortisol running my system and a migraine.

A sign from the universe to remind me that I went back to a path that was no longer intended for me. And yesterday afternoon, my friend reminded me of what I had asked of her. There was no argument. I already knew. I just needed permission.

I finish up this term.

I’m scared, and liberated. I have woken up today, early, and migraine free. I need a massage desperately, and will get that tomorrow.

I have renewed vigour because I know I will have time to grow my businesses to create the life I want to be living.

We sometimes think it’s okay to stay somewhere that no longer fits us; it isn’t. Staying destroys our passion. It isn’t easy to be somewhere you’ve outgrown.

It’s time. Own your life. Live your best one. You deserve it.

2 thoughts on “Just One More Year

  1. You made you peace with the universe and just a day after living out in conflict, you awoke to your true path and the universe is showing you the way forward. We wish you love and happiness.

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