Gender Fluidity and Authenticity

I have heard the term gender fluidity. A few years ago, I had a close friend who was ‘gender fluid’. I thought it meant you were bisexual. In my defence, I am almost forty seven years old.

Today, I had an intriguing and illuminating conversation with someone who was trying to explain what the term means, to me.

This is my disclaimer: I do not mean to cause offence to anyone. I am trying to understand it, and I am blogging about it to help others understand it to minimise ignorance.

Through my discussion earlier today, I have come to understand it more by what it isn’t. My understanding is that it is the eradication of labels of any sort, especially as those labels pertain to gender and issues around gender.

What this means, is that ascribing the terms/labels of boy or girl, brings with it a preconceived bucket of expectations and standards that restrict the freedom of the labelled. To be gender fluid, means to free yourself and your life’s choices from preconceived expectations prescribed by gender.

If we remove the gender expectations, we free the individual to be whatever they choose to be. We empower them to fulfil their true, authentic potential, unrestricted and uninhibited.

This extends to sexuality, I think, by way of enabling one person to love another person irrespective of socially defined and culturally biased mores.

It struck me, as I was in discussion, that this idea is not from the Third Dimension. Here, in the Third Dimension, labels and expectations and boxes creates an ordered society for us. However, it also restricts the potentiality of individuals and our society/planet.

This notion of gender fluidity, as I understand it, is elevated and must be from beyond the Third Dimension. In its ideal form, it moves us to a broader definition of our potential, and of the ideals of love, tolerance and acceptance. In a sense, I think it will move us into a higher energy vibration, alleviating the use for labels.

I can feel my Third Dimension form resisting understanding the potential of this, but my higher self sits quietly, in a state of knowing and acceptance.

I think the Crystal Children are paving the path for the oneness that the Rainbow Children bring with them; they are continuing the Indigo Children’s work of breaking down paradigms and rigid structures.

Throughout the entire discussion, my energy body was very active. Energy courses through my entire body, each cell alive and firing. Our joined energies sat in harmony and for a moment, we were almost one consciousness.

Amazing experience.

Authenticity of the soul and being who we wholly are is how I interpreted it from my life experience. Dreads are organic for and to me. My tattoos are my voice. I am who I am.

For ten or so years, I tried to fit into the boxes, I tried to be normal. As a result, I was not happy and not free. Now, moving away from systems that do not inspire, enable or empower the authentic individual, I am finding the connection to all is returning.

I am freeing me.

5 thoughts on “Gender Fluidity and Authenticity

  1. I feel as though society is so label based. There seems to be almost an obsession with fitting someone under some heading and often the labels can be quite subjective. In some training I did recently I was told that there are over 70 accepted gender labels in the UK (feel free to fact check this as it seems extreme).
    All I could think was, ‘why?’ ‘Why can’t we just let people be who they are?’ ‘How much time was spent angsting and developing over 70 labels for gender?’ So much time that could have surely been devoted to a different pursuit.
    I was once really into labels without realising it because that is just how we were raised and what was expected at that time by society. I am just starting to feel that perhaps in having such a focus on gender and trying to pigeonhole people into choosing a label we could be causing more confusion and anguish for people than if we just stopped trying to label them altogether. Anyway, that is just my contribution of thoughts I have been having recently about gender 🙂
    * Not meant to offend anyone. Apologies if I have.

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      • Glad I didn’t offend. Generally speaking is a good way of putting it because there are people that feel a need to fit themselves in somewhere so I don’t want to cause them angst either.
        I suppose this comes from the place of me being a teen who didn’t feel they fit under any of the sexuality labels that were around when I was in High School 🙂 I just didn’t understand why I had to make a decision on which gender to love. That decision would affect my future happiness and I didn’t really understand why the focus when it came to sexuality was on gender rather than who the person was that you would be with. There are a lot more options for labels or refusal to label these days though 🙂

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