Our Narratives

Last year, I started to think about where I was born. I was trying to connect with my roots here, in Sydney, in this incarnation. I had never really cared too much about it before. As I started to write my book, I felt a longing to know more about my birth story.

I always knew I had been born in the Salvation Army Hospital in Marrickville. It was called Bethesda at the time.

Bethesda refers to a part of Jerusalem. It contains a pool of water, associated with healing. The hospital was closed two years after my birth. It had also been a home for wayward teen girls. The building is now used for apartments.

It has had a rich history.

I am a part of that history.

I went to see it yesterday, only because I was in the vicinity. My attraction to it is bizarre. I felt a strong connection to it yesterday.

This is the place that my life started. It’s a bit surreal.

My dad told me that he had been sent home. The nurses thought I would be ages yet. I arrived whilst he was gone. I’m yet to talk to my mum about my birth. I have a yearning to know.

Also, though, I’ve been wondering how much the place we are born impacts on who we become, or do we choose a fitting place for our births, maybe to trigger us to remember our purpose here. I’m not sure, but I’m curious.

The Salvation Army do a great deal of charity and welfare work. Bethesda is a pool of healing. My connection to water and my mermaid self is strong. I just query how random all of this is, or isn’t.

Food for thought.

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