I have always said that one of the hardest parts of teaching is giving your heart to the little creatures. When they suffer, your heart breaks because you just can’t fix the things that hurt them. When things go wrong for them, you just want to hold them in your arms until life is safe again.

I don’t always remember every student’s name, but there are a lot who stand out for all types of reasons. The kids that struggle, that have stories to tell, that are survivors of something, I always remember.

Coming back this year from a year away has been confusing. It’s taken me the better part of this term to realise that the kids continued to learn and grow whilst I was gone. Some kids left and I’m just realising they aren’t at school anymore.

But, you always figure you’ll see them at some point, somewhere. And with social media, we all reconnect at some point anyway.

Five years ago, I taught a Year 7 class for English. I adored them. This time five years ago, we had established a healthy relationship, but the classes were about to change. During that first term though, I gave my heart to the kids in this class. They were such a mixed bag.

I have just found out that one of those kids died yesterday in a horrible car crash. His best friends and his family are grieving.

The best thing about teaching in this modern world, is the kids and the relationships you build with them. I have been to too many funerals for kids. I will be attending another.

Us teachers love the kids we teach. It’s a special bond. My colleagues at one of the schools I taught casually at last year, went through this whilst I was there. Us teachers really feel the loss. We become so invested.

This kid wasn’t a model student, but he had a heart of gold and was a real fighter. He deserved to live a great life and to become a wonderful man.

Another reminder that life is short. I’m raw. No words. Sending love and warm hugs to those suffering. Wishing that was enough.

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