Haim Ginott, I know. I forgot.

I had to get something for one of my kids from the staff room today. Today was smooth. It was a nice change. I felt me again.

I did some soul searching during the weekend. I revisited my lessons for this week and put some Tina mojo into them. I tried to inspire and to really teach, not just administer lessons. I got in early. I was focused.

I left the class to go to the staff room. The kids were settled and calm and happy and engaged and learning.

I remembered my teaching quote. A quote that has governed my practice for as long as I can remember.

I am the deciding influence; I make or break the mood, and the kids.

I grinned.

I had forgotten. Today, I remembered, and today I was closer to a tool of inspiration rather than an instrument of torture, for most kids.

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