New Moon Intentions

Today, I transplanted the mint I started growing last new moon, with my intentions still in the soil, into the garden.

When I reflect on the past month, I can see how those intentions have started manifesting in my life.

Obviously, the one with the most success to date, is the multi-millionaire intention. Interestingly, my intention for owning my own worth has also been manifesting.

Demartini says that one cannot exist without the other. It makes sense. To earn money, the big bucks, you need to possess an inherent belief that you are worthy of the big bucks.

This year’s journey is not as exciting as last year’s year of travel, in a superficial way, but is remarkably exciting with its promise of regeneration and renewal.

A seed blooming 😜.

Tonight, I will set this month’s intentions. I am not entirely sure what they will be.

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