A Moment

I’ve learned something today.

My middle fur kid has displayed significant behaviour problems recently. He’s usually pretty much perfect, but the last few weeks have proved hard for him.

I woke up, not for the first time in recent weeks, sick. Sore throat, snotty nose, lethargic.

I decided to stay home. Disappoint people, but look after me. I’m worth it, you see. Hehe.

Best decision.

House is clean. Washing is done. Tutoring lessons done. School prep done. Lawns mowed. Bedroom re-ordered. All washing put away.

The introvert has recharged her batteries and doesn’t feel like she’s starting the week already chasing her tail.

Just wanted to share the moment of success.

2 thoughts on “A Moment

  1. I like to call them “Set Me Up Sunday’s” and we always have a better weeks when we’ve had a chance to do that prep on a Sat/Sun.

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