Fair Exchange

Dr John Demartini, in his book, How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven, refers to the universal law of fair exchange. I have read this chapter twice now. Both times, epiphany after epiphany.

My self-aware focus at the moment is to receive graciously.

I become overwhelmed and clumsy, and downright ungracious, when someone does something for me, compliments me, loves me, likes me, talks to me, says nice things about spending time with me, or working with me, and it has to change. I’ve tried to be better by acknowledging the nice thing, whatever it is, but ultimately, I just feel clumsy.

My business, in particular, is providing many opportunities/confrontations of this type. My clients refer me to other people. They value my service. They value what I do. They value me.

A struggle for me.

As much as I have grown, deep down in the wounds, I still struggle to see my worth. I struggle to see that I am, basically, a good person worthy of everything her heart desires.

And, the Law of Fair Exchange, went straight to the heart of this for me. I give a lot to others. I need to be willing to receive from others. If I don’t, my life, and the universe, falls out of alignment. The crux of my financial status rests here.

I give. I must receive. That equals balance. Balance equals prosperity. I express gratitude rather than discomfort, and that nurtures prosperity.

If I set clear guidelines for payment and expectations of and for my clients in my business, everyone feels comfortable, knows where they stand, and balance is achieved. If I fail to set clear guidelines and boundaries, our needs become confused, and balance is compromised. This leaves us all feeling out of sorts.

I am currently charging below my worth. I am finally embracing this (thank you, Mai Mai). I have much growth to do in this area. But, I’m on the path, and I think I now get it.

Fair Exchange also works for relationships. We need to receive as much as we give, give as much as we receive, and when we do, the relationship is healthy. If we don’t, we lose the relationship or let it go.

Balance, equilibrium, fairness, serves us all. There is enough for all. We are not in competition. We only lose when we act as if we are.

I think …

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