Barefoot Investor Update

Well. Friday last week I saw Mai Mai. I took my DeMartini money homework and felt a shift in my attitude towards money and finance. I had had some difficult communications regarding money, and had started to appreciate the value and quality of the services I offer my clients.

Mai Mai recommended a book that I have been contemplating/drawn to every month on Audible, but hadn’t purchased because of what I now realize was my fear of finance. I listened to the universe and Mai Mai, and downloaded it when I arrived home.

I started listening to it on Saturday morning and my life changed.

This week, I paid more bills and seem to have caught up on those. I’ve booked my car in for new tyres (mine are almost gone), I’ve opened new bank accounts and organized a time to close the old ones, I’ve checked out my superannuation account, compared my private health insurance to others and will be getting rid of my extras package (which I’ve never used), listed all of my debts and all of my fortnightly expenses, and have analysed my income for March.

Because of my business, my income can change in the months of school holidays, so I’ve started April’s sheet too. I will be generating less income during April because of the school holidays.

Sadly, I’ve cancelled my travel plans for this year to get ahead financially. The hard work now, and for this year, should ensure that my finances stabilize, which means I will be in a good position to take leave from school teaching next year (fingers crossed I’m allowed to).

If this happens, I will have the time to build the healing side of my business and become self-sustainable. This will provide more time for me to write and I should achieve greater balance and have less stress (significantly), and this should see an improvement in my health.

It is a great feeling to take control. I just needed the tools. The things I’m good at, I’m great at. For the things I’m not good at, like everyone else, I need an easy plan to follow, I need to develop the skills through acquiring the knowledge.

If you are not where you want to be financially, I cannot recommend Scott’s book, The Barefoot Investor, highly enough. He’s humble, funny, and speaks at a layman level (most of the time).

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