Banging On lol

So, had a shocker yesterday. Not a tearful shocker or a sad shocker, but a stressful shocker. I left home at 7 yesterday morning and arrived home again at ten to midnight last night.

School was fine until after lunch. That’s 1135am. After that, the kids became unsettled as tensions grew. My school has a very unjustified bad reputation. There are significantly more good things happening than negative.

However, yesterday afternoon, two new students (one arrived this year and the other last year) decided to start trouble with each other. The kids sense this and tension rises. We handle it as a school; we don’t ignore it. That keeps kids and staff safe. It makes work harder though, balancing every one’s needs as well as your own. By the end of a busy school day, my shoulders were tight and my neck stiff. I carry stress in these areas. A slight hum of migraine started.

I woke late this morning, skipped yoga as a result, and ended up getting a massage. Good decision. My shoulders, neck and back are looser. I feel better. A bridge between the stress of yesterday and the potential of today.

Self care, my friends, self care. Always put this first. No employer, no job, no commitment, nothing, is worth compromising your own well-being. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your self first. If you can’t function at your best, you reduce your chances of happiness and fulfillment. Everyone suffers at this point, not just you.

It’s almost selfish to push through when you can’t.

Look after you first. You won’t regret it.

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