Barefoot Investor

Money is not my thing. Wanting to leave teaching and being a multi- millionaire has become my thing. So, I’m reading and practicing Dr John Demartini’s stuff and today I started listening to the Barefoot Investor.

My first barefoot date is tomorrow night.

This book is great. I can feel my attitude towards money changing. It’s funny too, the fears I have, he articulates and then dismantles.

I’m developing a plan. Wealth consciousness and financial freedom here I come.

2 thoughts on “Barefoot Investor

  1. If you have any success let me know Tina. I’m ready to throw the towel in too. And I had a fabulous reading done about a month ago indicating that I will have a massive change career wise mid-2008. Or st least I’ll know where I’m heading by then. It’s so sad. I love the job, I love the kids. I love knowing I can make a difference. But teaching leaves me no life. It it exhausting; and it’s just getting worse…

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    • I am so hearing you. I’m five days a fortnight teaching but my business runs six days a week and I’m always broke so I’m hoping this book helps. It sounds logical so far.


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