Saying Yes – Listening to the Universe

And, they did. I found this in my Facebook News Feed at the end of 2016. It popped up in my Memories yesterday. If it resonated in 2016, it reverberated throughout my entire soul yesterday.

Today is the last day of the year that has transformed my life and brought me back to me. It came after many years of pain. Recovering from sexual and physical abuse, miscarriage and failed IVF cycles, issues at work culminating in The Investigation, and massive work bringing myself back to my path to learn the lessons I came here to learn.

When I reflect on the year I have had, it wouldn’t have become possible without one word.


Come to India? Yes.

Embrace India? Yes.

Meet new people? Yes.

Cruise to Tassie? Yes.

Roll down a hill. Yes.

Travel to see the people you met in india? Yes.

Snorkelling? Yes.

Stay with my family? Yes.

Accept this healing massage? Yes.

Come to the cabin with witches? Yes.

Look for UFOs? Yes.

Come to my wedding in Las Vegas? Yes.

See the Grand Canyon? Yes.

Sound Healing in Katoomba? Yes.

Past Life Regression? Yes.

Soul Tribe expansion? Yes.

Hay House Writers Workshop? Yes.

Uluru? Yes.

Road Trip? Yes.

Cambodia? Yes.

Room with me? Yes.

Vietnam? Yes.

Book Proposal? Yes.

Start a business? Yes.

Tutor my child? Yes.

Expand your heart? Yes.

Be insanely happy? Yes.

Forge a new path forwards? Yes.

Set new goals and intentions? Yes.

Continue your own healing? Yes.

Demartini session? Yes.

Red Tent group? Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I listened, really listened, and made the choice to say yes to opportunity this year. Saying yes has made the difference.

Was I scared? Fuck, yes, I was scared. But, man, that fear, acknowledging it, doing it all anyway, has changed my life. I’m living with passion again. The passion I once possessed for teaching has grown into a passion for living.

My desire to give has returned. I have developed appropriate boundaries by saying YES to putting my needs first. I no longer give from a position of lack.

I have new goals. Vietnam in 2018. Machu Picchu in 2018. Sound Healing practitioner in 2018. Finish and publish my book in 2018.

Longer term: become a multimillionaire so that I can provide my healing services to women who are disconnected, surviving domestic violence, for free. I want to empower people to live their own best life, whatever that might look like, and I want to be able to do that without worrying about paying my bills. I also want to move to the ocean on acreage and live with my people close by. And, I want chickens. And probably more dogs or cats or cows or horses. I want an ark. Tina’s Ark.

I intend continuing to say yes to what feels right, and no to what doesn’t fit my values system. That has worked to this point.

Thank you to the word YES. Thank you to bravery. Thank you to everything and everyone that has brought me to this point.

Massive changes for me in my perception of what is possible.

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