Ahhhhhh 😢

I had an amazing day today. But I can’t write about that at the moment. It’s 9.55pm here, and about 2am at home. Sporadic internet for me, but when it connected earlier tonight I received the very sad news that an ex-student had passed away.

I don’t really have many words. His funeral is tomorrow, and if I had been at home, I would have attended. Way too young to have died.

Life truly is short. That is the lesson I am taking from the last week. There is a massive world out there and big lives to live. As we drove along today, I scanned the lifestyles of the Kampuchean people. They have very little, some of them, but they greet you with a smile.

Life truly is short. Pain is temporary. I urge you, implore you, try travel before checking out. Reach out to someone, everyone, before checking out. Do something different to change the result. But, do not check out.

There is so much beauty in this world, so many blessings to receive, and so many things to explore. Do that first.

Much love to all who are in pain at this moment; I assure you, it definitely is temporary.

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