The Magick of Kampuchea: Phnom Penh

Weaving through the streets of Phnom Penh in a comfortable bus adorned with red fringe, exhausted from an early start to get to the airport and delays in arriving, and I see two kids on a scooter dancing the rhythm of Asian streets. My heart smiled as my mind flashed back to Varanasi, Thailand and Nepal, and I felt home.

My travel tiredness (I know, ungracious of me) dissipated and light filled my soul; I love these adventures, experiencing different ways of seeing the world and living in it. Blessed. Truly blessed. And, the Intercontinental is a beautiful hotel.

We woke, dressed, ate breakfast, boarded the bus, and made our way to the palace – beautiful. Gobsmackingly beautiful. Phnom Penh is similar to everywhere else – same, same but different – and not so similar too. It is greener and cleaner. A little more refined. I have no words.

As much as the political climate is and has been unsettled, the place has a stillness and peace that I would regard as spiritual – 97% Buddhist, maybe it isn’t surprising.

Anyway, the humidity is shocking. Hate sweating profusely, especially when I put makeup on. Needless to say, no more makeup during the day. My cheek was a bit bung this morning and disfigured my face so I felt the need for magic makeup lol. I was sleeping with a nasal strip.

Anyway, back to the hotel for a swim before dinner. And, I will let the photos tell the story and hopefully tomorrow, finish this post gracefully lol.

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