Hmmm … same old

Life is short. And, it is unpredictable. We never really know when our time to pass will come. Even if we live to a hundred, in the scheme of things, that’s a blip in time. Our human lives are short.

This week, two people that I have known, have passed. I worked with one for a long time. The other I barely knew, but what I did know of her was significant. Their passings remind me how important it is that we treasure every moment that we do have, and that we really live our lives.

We need to be present. We need to own our choices. We need to make choices that make us smile, from the inside out.

The man I worked with was a little cynical about education and its future; in many ways, he saw what has come to pass. He left teaching and was travelling with his wife when he passed on Monday. I have worked with many people throughout my years. He is one that I have often thought about with fondness. His family lived a couple of blocks up from mine at one point; this connected us when we started working together.

The woman that passed this morning, surrounded by love, from cancer, loved her husband and child. She was fierce about ensuring her son received tutoring and excelled in his educational pursuits.

Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, she found me, and I started working with her son. I started to notice that every week she was liking my video posts on my Tina K Meyer Facebook page; I have no idea how she found it, but it meant a lot to me that she watched them.

This morning when I was working at the library with my student, a feather floated past the window.


It’s been a busy week. I have taught in a school every day, seen my clients every afternoon and evening, and finished some editing work for another school.

I have learned that life is short. It is important to do what we love, what sets our souls on fire, what gives us energy through exhaustion, what makes us smile.

I love my tutoring business, because I love my kids and their families. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I will turn up to their home or to a library or to a food court, and I will enjoy every single second. I love thinking about how I can improve my business and how I can grow my business.

It is important to nurture the things we love.

After all, life is short.

Much love to the family and friends of Neil and My. Thank you for sharing who you were and living your values.

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