Trust It

My alarm went off early this morning. A new term. A full week of work.

This day last term, I was blessed to attend a Staff Development Day where Wayne Pearce was speaking. He is a brilliant speaker; I walked out knowing that teaching was no longer my main game.

In the twelve weeks since then I have rebranded myself. No longer ‘teacher’, I am now ‘healer’, and yes, part of that role requires teaching.

So, at 6 this morning I got out of bed, unhappy to be surrendering freedom to my alarm. As I sat on the loo, I was struck by the knowledge that I have outworn this life; it no longer fits. It isn’t my life anymore and that’s okay. More than okay.

My day was reasonably good. My afternoon and evening was divine. I love my tutoring work. LOVE it. I love my kids and I love their families. It offers the best that teaching has: a genuine commitment to improving the lives of kids. It is the best of what my classroom offers without the politics of the education business.

When I have free time to think, that time is spent listening to audiobooks to find ways to improve me or my business. Either way, I’m the happiest and most liberated I ever have been.

In twelve weeks I have started to own the truth. In twelve months I have transformed from anxiety ridden to free and happy. All because I jumped the ship that was my routine.

I’m not at my end point. I don’t know what next year will bring, but I know it will be amazing.

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