Feeling Empowered

I was thinking this morning, as I always do [rolling eyes because I think way too much], how good I feel.

When I decided to take this year off, I was very nervous and didn’t really expect that I would see it through. I imagined I would be back at school by June. I’m glad I’ve stuck it out. But, I also set the intention to use the year to heal. Initially, it was to heal from the events and trauma of last year. Now, I realise it was to heal from the trauma of the first half of my life.

And, I am so grateful that that is what is happening.

I am in such a fantastic mental, emotional, spiritual and physical place. I feel empowered. And strong. And happy.

Testament to the ‘therapy’ I am currently undergoing – I leave each session feeling better than when I walked in, and there is no residual dealing with the issues. I walk out resolved and I stay resolved. I also keep working through other issues.

So, what have I learned, in a nutshell:

* taking time out to heal is never wasted

* nurturing and taking care of yourself is vital if you are going to be happy and be able to give to others

* if you feel a calling or yearning to do something, do it (unless it is criminal)

* feel the fear and do it anyway

* process and resolve emotional baggage before it becomes too difficult/insurmountable/overwhelming

* find what works for you, and do it


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