The Gift of Teaching

Possibly ironic as I prepare to leave the profession; however, timely in my life as a reminder that my years as a teacher have not for a single second been wasted.

I caught up with an ex-student for breakfast this morning. She is now 34 and the universe conspired for us to run into each other at a library last week. There are no coincidences.

She wanted to say thank you to me. This morning she articulated the impact my existence had made on her; humbling and beautiful. To offer any child some semblance of hope or inspiration or something positive at all is why I became a teacher and what drove me for twenty four years.

She has lived her life in service and she has fought many difficult battles to be accepted for this and to be able to do this. She is truly inspirational. And realistically, what I gave her was permission to be her and to follow her bliss.

What an amazing gift. And one that good teachers provide for their students every single day.

We all fulfill a role in this world when we follow our bliss and live our best life.

Those of us who are agitators and disrupters of the status quo have a hard road to follow in some respects, but man, the rewards, like this morning’s catch up, make the bumps and ditches worthwhile.

Ultimately, we all need validation. If we say we don’t, we are lying to ourselves. I received that again today. And I gave that today.

Who can you validate today?


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