Food, Glorious Food …

Well. I love food. Not in a maniacal way, but if something tastes nice I fully appreciate it. Sometimes, too much.

I was just walking to our next session, after a predominantly processing day, and realised how heavy I feel today. I haven’t overeaten. Eggs and bread with fruit for breakfast, and a creamy mushroom fettuccine for lunch. A little while ago I had an orange. That’s it.

And, I feel heavy.

It’s the carbs. I’m convinced.

At home I have banned pasta. Here, unfortunately, as a vegetarian, I am at the mercy of others 😉. I have had a fair few meals with pasta. They have been nice tasting, but I have felt that my nutritional needs were not fully being met.

Courageously, yesterday, at lunch after another bowl of pasta, I asked what had been planned for dinner for the vegetarians. I was informed that it was a creamy mushroom pasta. I asked if it would be possible to ask the chef to make something vegetable based with protein. Yes.

Dinner was gorgeous. A roasted half capsicum filled with beans and quinoa on a bed of vegetables.

Best. Meal. Ever.

My body started to feel nourished and alive as the food and its nutrients were absorbed.

I went to the chef and thanked him with extreme gratitude.

What did I learn?

I am worth asking for what I need. I am worthy of nutritional foods. I am worthy …

2 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food …

  1. It’s like people have no idea that there are things like lentils and various bean curds to make vegetarian dishes nutritious, interesting and tasty. You developed that chef as well as asked for what you so well deserve. Good on you!

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