Increasing Awareness

Interesting things happened last week. And, as a result, driving to work this morning drew some interesting observations.

I felt passion and excitement for the art of teaching last week. First time in a long time. I was excited to go to work and spend time learning with kids. I had no fear of the politics and what that could bring; just excitement to be in a classroom.

With four days teaching and a massive tutoring schedule, I also realised that I can compartmentalise the two. Leave school and switch into tutor mode. Easy.

Then, Saturday morning and later that day, the exhaustion hit. Yesterday I blogged about; importance to be kind to self, nurture self. It is vital.

And then, this morning on the way to work, reflection time, and I realised that when I am in a school too many days, my diet suffers – badly – and I crave sugar and lose my impulse control. I was sick on Saturday and I think this is why.

I also suffer from the fatigue.

Teaching is tiring enough; casual teaching is exhausting. You aren’t their ‘real’ teacher and behaviour management, as well as getting to know the kids and develop relationships, plus full days often with playground duties, and only limited time for relief, to follow up, to write notes for the teacher, takes its toll.

I can’t do both. Two days a week in a school is doable with the business. More than that plays havoc with my diet, which impacts my mental health and self-esteem. I’m a slow learner lol. This has taken time to realise.

This is a vital lesson for me to learn. NOW.

Time to go, another group of children awaits …

2 thoughts on “Increasing Awareness

  1. Your talent, skill and knowledge of education has always been, and will always be, outstanding. You are now developing a widening of this knowledge and applying such to yourself in so many different ways. It is difficult for someone selfless to put oneself first. You are listening; and that is the first step towards appropriate response. Your determination will win through. Something for all of us..

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