I just finished watching a beautifully made and evolved film; it has left me in tears of faith, empowerment, belief, awareness. Oh, man.

I have never been a fan of science fiction, beyond Star Wars, that is. This film though, has touched something deep within my knowing or my remembering. I was mesmerised. I needed to wee but couldn’t move from my seat until it was almost too late.

It is about time. And about a different reality. One where time is not linear, but where past, present and future all exist as one. Where we live our lives in many lifetimes, all at once.

I saw a spaceship last week. Quite low. On the way home from work. I felt such a pull towards it that I wanted to pull over and sacrifice myself to it. And then I felt an overwhelming sense of longing for home. Tonight’s viewing of Arrival has consolidated my understanding; there is so much more than what we know as humans in this three dimensional reality. So much more.

I then received some guidance. Keep answering the calls. Easy enough to do.

We should all answer our calls. When you feel a deep longing or desire to do something, do it, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. If we all answered the calls we receive, I believe our world would change, and we would ascend faster as a planet.

If you’ve made it to this point with me, thank you. I’m not crazy. Since Minnesota, I have had a deep awareness and profound understanding of the more. Or, maybe I am crazy, but it isn’t hurting anyone so it’s all good.


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