I so wasn’t going to do this, but

I am absolutely disgusted that we have a postal plebiscite to determine whether all Australian citizens deserve basic human rights. I honestly cannot fathom how the majority of Australians want everyone to have the right to get married, yet our elected representatives refuse to vote for it in Parliament and do the job we elected them to do: represent us.

What is with this. And, what on earth is wrong with people that they honestly believe that giving everyone the right to marry someone they love is going to impact their life.

And, I do not want anyone to explain it to me, because realistically, there is no logical premise in existence that will convince me you are right. All the plebiscite is currently achieving is getting young people to enrol (so that the next government of Australia will not be this fascist regime; silver lining), marginalizing people and communities, and inciting ignorant bigots to speak their hateful vitriol.

Grrrrrr … so annoying.

5 thoughts on “I so wasn’t going to do this, but

  1. I agree with everything, everything!!! Just ridiculous. It makes me so mad that I basically cannot participate in polite conversation about it because I cannot be polite about it. Every human being has the right to love. The government is happy enough to tax same sex couples as a couple so the govt can claim more from them, but other basic legal and human rights are not afforded to them. Just disgusting.
    Meanwhile what a waste of my tax dollars for something that is meaningless anyway! I don’t believe Howard asked anyone before changing the wording so why should the government need to consult anyone before changing it to what it used to be?
    Honestly I can’t even with this. I don’t label myself, but I never actually made the decision that guys or gals were the way for me because I believed that it was stupid to risk missing out on a lifetime of happiness by restricting myself to only half the population. I believe you fall in love with the person and not their gender. It makes me rather ashamed to be a part of a society that actively works on a daily basis to prevent happiness.
    Here are my main points of argument:
    a) There is enough sadness in this world, let’s promote happiness and love.
    b) People have the basic right to love and happiness
    c) It is no ones business except those getting married
    d) It hurts no one!!! No one.
    Okay I am going to stop my rant now because that is the polite version hahaha. Thanks for reading 🙂

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