A Spiritual Journey

Just a quick one. Illness has taken hold of me. Lol.

1. I have been struggling to trust the universe with regards to money. I have been working so hard but money comes in and goes out. Trust is hard. I’m now sick, laughing at myself. A black feather made its way into my house. Just yesterday I was thinking, I never find feathers.

Okay. So you were listening and you were there. Black feathers represent healing and letting go in trust.


2. I found a little picture thing on Facebook and a friend’s name kept being repeated, with urgency, in my head. I sent it to her. She said the timing was perfect; she needed to hear it. I’m sure she doesn’t believe it, but she did hear it.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

I trust.

I think that’s why one of my all time favourite movies, and I watch it every year, is Miracle on 34th Street. Faith. Trust. Santa is real.

4 thoughts on “A Spiritual Journey

  1. To achieve your dreams you must believe that you will succeed, they can take everything away for you apart from your spirit support is always a click away just believe and have faith in yourself and you will amaze yourself at how pessimism can impact your life and wellbeing, also let the sun be a reminder that after darkness there is always light and new life. I know how hard this is for you to read I was never good at paragraph perception so I never really bothered. I love you and want you to succeed In life you really deserve the best of everything.

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  2. We share a deeper bond, more meaningful relationships in the most part of our life. Relationships, like life, are indefinable. To describe it in words is to attempt the impossible. This is the language of the human heart which is indispensable for a man in society. We want fulfillment in our relationships, and we are disappointed if someone goes wrong at the other end.
    Thank you for sharing your views. keep sharing your words and stay blessed. check out our blog hope yo like it and informative for you https://www.spirityoga.org/blog

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