Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session Part Two

I have woken less heavy after a really good sleep. Throat is sore and nose is still running – emotional release and needing to still express some stuff. I think, for me, that needs to be done in writing but also with my sound voice.

Anyway, I haven't listened to my recording yet. I took some serious time out for myself last night after showering and blogging.

I remember snapshots of the experience. One of these was my current physical form exploding apart as shards of crystal lodged into it. This sounds painful but it was actually liberating. The physical form still existed, but in a frozen fractured state. I felt free of all that I have carried through this lifetime thus far.

And I can assure you, that emptying has manifested in this reality since my session yesterday. Initially bloated after the session, that air has released and taken everything solid within me lol. Hopefully not too much information for you.

One of the most incredible sections of my session yesterday will appear unbelievable to many (I think, but I hope not to be honest). As I have said before, this is my truth; I do not expect it to be your truth.

I was standing (not as me, but as an energy me, my essence) at the apex of a triangle with many others streaming out behind my core group, at all stages of evolution. We were standing in the galaxy, looking through the universe and onto planet Earth. We were standing, levitating, above the grid. The grid was lightly lit; the constellations doing this at points.

We were watching spears of energy manifest, and arrow into key points of the planet before forming arcs of connection between all that is, and all that has been. It was palpable. We were watching incredible healing take place from the grid and the healing was raising the Earth's vibration out of the third dimension.

Earlier in my session, much earlier, I had been taken to a place that was not this physical manifestation of Earth. It was a fifth dimension manifestation, and it was the Earth. No longer called Earth but Balachus (I know, crazy I must be; however, I questioned whether I was making it up and came to the conclusion that this is what I received; my knowledge hurts no one so I'm resting with it. I can't prove that it isn't true). It was beautiful. Vivid colours and shapes, ethereal. And, completely peaceful.

The session, and this particular 'scene', validated my recent healing experiments and theories. Individual healing with physical, creative manifestation released, will transform the larger grid as well as an individual's own grid.

This is my current soul purpose.

I feel empowered this morning. Sick but empowered. I feel stronger in my reason for being here.

Oh, I slipped into third person whilst I was in the theta state towards the end of my session. Most of you who know me, know that I do this randomly anyway; however, this time, and possibly every time, it was my Higher Self talking to Gabrielle and answering her questions. I have channelled before and this is pretty much what this felt like. My Higher Self though, is cold and straight to the point. It doesn't take any garbage.

My Higher Self summarised what I needed to do and connected the different scenes. It told Gabrielle that I have everything I need to do my work. I need to just get on and do it. But I won't do all of it quickly. I will still retreat to my old life for a while.

I'll post Part Three after I have listened to the recording on Sunday. Heavy.

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