In 2005, I became a mother of sorts to a young girl. Life isn't always what we expect; and life had been this way for this young girl. She innately knew that there was better out there and she wasn't going to settle for anything less.

She was very unhappy with her home on the Central Coast and moved to be with family near Sydney. She thought it would be better and it would enable her to build the life that she wanted. And it did, but not the way that she expected it to.

She was very sad most of the time. But she also possessed a drive for more. She continued to get up and get dressed every day (brushing her hair wasn't an every day or even every other day occurrence, but you can't have everything in life lol). She continued to come to school, and learn and build relationships that would serve her, and that she could serve.

Until one day she couldn't anymore live the way she had been living. She was fed up with the daily pain, the waiting, the not knowing how to fix it, the everything that wasn't serving her. And we ended up at the hospital together, waiting and waiting, and hysterically laughing at everything. Like we were crazy.

And we are.

She made the decision to be better, to get better, to create and be more wholly in her life. She was sent back to the Central Coast and she really started to fight for what she perceived was hers.

She didn't want to be there. And so she made sure her stay was temporary. She organized her own accommodation back in Sydney. And then, almost every day, she trekked a significant distance to the school she had made her home.

She started to smile again, she started to believe again, she started to breathe again. And we loved her.

She finished high school, graduated, and went to Uni. She graduated Uni, and her future husband and I were there to bear witness. She found work, she explored, she made some crazy decisions, always trusting her self. She worked hard to manifest the life that she knew she deserved and that she wanted.

She asked me to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. There are no words to express this moment. The feeling of pride … momentus. When she decides to do something, she does it. Damn any obstacles that arise; she slays them.

I am incredibly proud of her and feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life, still. She is a strong, intelligent and driven woman. She is someone that I admire and respect. And she is my child; the universe truly conspired to give her to me, knowing it wasn't my path to birth my own.

And, I love her. And I am grateful to her for never giving up on me.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I love you!


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