I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up with anxiety for the first time since the investigation ended last year. I cried all the way to work. I was a mess when I arrived. My Head Teacher just hugged me. 

The child was beautiful today. The child’s mum had spoken to them. They had listened. They were more themselves today. And they maintained this for the entire time I taught them. A credit to their parents and my Head Teacher, they didn’t sulk like kids sometimes do and they weren’t yucky at all, just genuinely nice. 

I did change what I was doing in the classroom, work wise. Well, more the delivery of it. The child told me it was good, much better, and they participated in everything. 

Yesterday had to happen. I know that. I get it. And I know why it had to happen. 

I appreciate all of the love that was sent my way. And definitely the appreciation of my work throughout my career. It is no lie that all of my students, past and present, remain loved by me for eternity. Including the ones that give me a run for my money, sometimes especially those. 

So just a quick post to acknowledge the work the child’s parents did with them last night, the changes today, and the love I continue to feel for all of you. 

Thank you for validating me. 


2 thoughts on “PS

  1. So good to hear Tina. It’s huge when something like that happens. It bloody tough at the time, but means the world when parents (and more importantly the student in question) acknowledge their behaviour, own it and can move forward in a positive way. Some of the teachers that I initially disliked and perhaps gave a little grief to ended up being some of my favourites. The ones that made most of an impact on me. So glad you experienced a 180 today. Take care Tina xxx

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