Learning our lessons is a process, frustratingly …

Without balance, life is not full. 

Unfortunately, this means that without sadness we cannot wholly appreciate happiness; without pain and illness, we do not appreciate health; without anger and turmoil, we cannot appreciate calm and peace. 

We are, after all, just human. 

I always appreciate riding the wave of happiness, peace and love because inevitably, there are times when my energy is not as high. This is normal and vital to overall health because it is in the low times that I take the time to recharge my energy by focusing on me. 

What I have become better at is feeling the early signs that my energy is depleted. Like today. I wake up soul tired. I like vegetating. I like giving to me. Doing the things I need to, to restore balance. It is like reconnecting to the main power source when the battery has run down. 

And it is okay. For all of us. 

Someone shared with me that they believe that some of my extra weight does not belong to me. I have taken it on when I have given to the point of running on empty. It is interesting psychologically. In logical terms, running on empty in stressful situations increases cortisol in the body which keeps weight in the belly. 

For years, I gave and gave and gave in stressful situations, ignoring my low energy because I did not value my own self enough to give to me too. A lesson I am still learning today. Also okay. Learning is a process and our skills become stronger as we continue to practise what we have learned before building on the foundation. 

I say this, not because I need to write it down but because there are many people, beautiful and strong people in my life, who are feeling a little depleted at the moment. And I love them. 

We are all human and our lives follow the rhythm of the waves; there are peaks and there are troughs. Ultimately though, the ocean is refreshing and revitalising. It provides a deep soul cleansing and prepares us for all that is coming, in all of its power. I think I’ve changed metaphors there lol. Oopsy. 

Anyway, I write this whilst riding the crest of a wave on Sunday and I love it. It is about the nature of healing and healers … 

As healers we do not possess special tricks. We have merely remembered how to listen to, mirror and communicate with the souls of others. And through this remembering, we empower and enable others to reconnect with their own souls. This is where real healing takes place. It requires trust. Of self, of soul, of others, of universe. We connect to all that has been, all that is, and all that will be through love. We raise the vibration of individuals, communities, the planet and the universe. 

We reprogram the grid. 

We create magick. 

We create connection and foster community. 
And we start with the self. 

Namaste 🙏🏻

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