I am happy. 

All pain is temporary. All suffering is temporary. Happiness, too. But the more you work through the themes that bring you pain and suffering, the longer the happy periods last, and the sooner you return to balance or neutrality. 

I am happy. 

My eyes, heart and mind are open. I hear the call of the birds outside, the whoosh of the cars whizzing past and the beating of the bird’s wings. I am not alone. I exist and breathe in many dimensions and in many galaxies all at the same time. 

I am happy. 

I control my life. This life. Healing, love, mantra, intention; the elixirs for my soul wounds. Wounds that become smaller each day; transforming into universal healing energy and being released into the cosmos to empower others to find the same peace. 

I am happy. 

I am connected. A child of the divine; the divine itself. I am peace. I am love. I am health. I am free. I am a witch, a healer, a teacher. 

I am happy. 

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