Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier

I really don’t know where to start or what to say. It all almost feels too sacred for words. 

In terms of connection and growth, this experience here in Katoomba is so similar to India, and because of India and the gratitude I still hold for that experience and the beautiful people I met and still love intensely, I think I was more open to deep connection here. 

I woke this morning, standing firmly in my power, after waking myself up from a dream in which I was about to be shot for defending a woman being assaulted in the streets. I was filled with pure light, love and unadulterated joy. Yesterday was such a gift. Waking up to another day and it’s potential was almost too much happiness for my soul. 

Communication started with the girls early and excitedly we all met early at the YHA. Just to be in each other’s space. Addiction alert, yes. But our time together physically is short. So we live a lifetime in a few days. Four more diverse women you could never find but man, the connections between our hearts and souls are strong. 

Gongs and drumming today. Back to the womb and to the earth. More meditations and healing. And today for me, past life regression. And validation from the beautiful soul drumming over me when she told me what she saw before I told her. And later, validated a past life marriage between myself and one of the girls. That would explain our strong connection; we have also identified a connection in Atlantis and galactically. Just for starters. 

Then The Three Sisters with a few more of the soul tribe, followed by a coffee where we met up with some of the boys and A. Strong warm binding hugs today. Lots of love pouring forth from everyone. One of the facilitators said there has never been a group like ours before; we aren’t surprised. We were called.

Man, if you receive a calling, a strong feeling that you should do something, even if it terrifies you, and won’t cause you harm, do it. Just find the twenty seconds of courage to say yes and do it. Every time I have, I have landed in amazing places with incredibly wonderful amazing perfect people for me and loved the growth that resulted. It is scary stepping out of what we know but the rewards are equally intense. 

I gift you with the courage. You are enough. You are worthy. And I so want everyone to experience embrace and feel what I am repeatedly being gifted with in my life. 
Namaste beautiful friends, namaste 🙏🏻

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