A Charmed Life 

Yesterday was intense. A lot was stirred up. Today was more connecting and sitting and being and trusting and accepting and the group dynamic took over. A lot of intense, and sometimes challenging, conversations. About existence and purpose and healing. 

And then, trusting the magick. This morning I decided I would ground myself in nature after the course. All throughout the day I had a voice telling me to ask one of the girls if she wanted to come. I finally did. And she said that she had said to herself that she had wanted to do the same but wouldn’t by herself which made her sad. Higher selves communicating with each other; I’m grateful I didn’t ignore it. 

We then opened the invitation and the four who are meant to travel together ended up travelling it together. Leura Cascades. Water rushing over rocks but gently rushing, cascading even. I’m such a knob [shaking my head in disbelief at myself]. And the bush. Serene. Dark. Inviting. Restorative. Gentle. Watching. Beckoning. 

I really need to work on my fitness though. 

The full moon shone through the trees as we walked back to the cars. Heading out for dinner. Manifesting togetherness and connection. And such energetic conversation. And shared. Each of us speaking, listening, advising, validating, sharing, exchanging, trusting. 


There is no better life than to heed the calls as they come and follow the path. To make the time to nurture the soul and the heart and walk on different paths, trying each for fit, taking what does and sacrificing what doesn’t. 

It is the beginning of July. Six months into my gap year. My life will never be the same. Gratefully. The old life no longer fits. My intention for this year was to heal the damage of last year. This year is healing my life’s damage; transforming it into purer energy and I shall creatively manifest the change and send it to the universe for others to share the healing energies.  

This life is pure magick. The hardships and the joys have lead me here. And here is perfect. 

PS. I also met three of my spirit guides today, found my healing sound tool, cemented some bonds, and loved every second of my life today. Released some grief like emotion internally and felt unburdened like I have never felt. 

PPS. Thank you India and my beautiful tribe who empowered me to live without fear and to believe in my beauty as they perceived it. I love you girls more than words could ever do justice. 

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