Part Two of Three

Straight after my final massage with Nancie, L picked me up. It was bittersweet: excited to see her but very sad to leave M. I ran back in to see if she was available for one last hug and some tears but she had a client with her. 😢

I left a note on her windshield. Goodbyes are hard. But I am so grateful for the time we shared. I was able to reflect on my business and contemplate ways forward for generating income that would empower me to do the work I really wanted to be doing. 

I jumped in L’s car. She said she needed five minutes to run her plans by me and then organise herself. She had been invited to a retreat in Grand Rapids for the weekend; a collective of women healers and alternatives. 

Did I want to go? 

As I had said to M, I’m here to be in your space and whatever that involves is fine by me. So, we went. 

M and L had mentioned retreats they had been on with S in Peru. They adored her. This terrified me: what if S didn’t like me? I jumped anyway. When opportunities present, it is always healthier to say yes if no harm to others or self is involved. 


A beautiful and magickal place, amazing women, and an incredible weekend. 

We bought some supplies to take, L organised her family, and we were off. We only stopped near a lake to eat some lunch and arrived sometime that night; the sun wasn’t setting until around 9. Such beautiful long days. 

We met everyone. I expressed my love for the Minnesotan accent. I was dressed up as Fargo and practiced the voice. I was entertaining; such a difficult accent to emulate. Eventually a campfire was lit, dinner prepared and S’mores made. Sweet. Way too sweet. One bite is more than enough. Delicious but sweet. 

The neighbours came over and I spoke with them. This shy creature really no longer exists. A few nerves before meeting people but I have worked out that I’m more than okay on my own if it comes to it so I’m okay full stop. Rain drops started to fall and we packed up to move inside. 

S and a couple of others stayed outside to move the weather. Rain had been forecast for the entire weekend and that wouldn’t suit the plans. I did not fully understand what moving the weather meant, but I do know that the weekend was sunny and hot, and rain didn’t rear its head again. These were magickal folk. Intimidated much, Tina. 

And one of my first lessons. Humility. I have so much to learn about the world and the universe, and I need to trust that I can. And it’s not all book learning. I need to put myself out there to see what works and what fails. M has shown divine courage doing it with her business ventures. I need to do the same. 

We sang karaoke inside and we laughed until like 3.30 in the morning. Singing with fly swatters and wooden spoons as microphones. Then falling into bed. Saturday rose very hot and peaceful. 

Time for ritual and group healing. I hadn’t had much time with S at this point, intimidated, a very normal person with palpitating power. These women all believed in their strengths and abilities, and as a group, supported each other’s development. It was amazing to be a part of this, to witness this. 

I won’t go into much detail about the healing; however, for me, the experience enabled me to see colours and visualise the colours weaving through each person tapping into what they most needed from me, as the channel for the energy. For my own healing, I needed to remove the blocks to receiving; the thing I have been working most on in my own life. I can give but I struggle to receive gracefully. I am better after this trip . 

The neighbour took a few of us on his boat around the lake. Blissful. And his way of contributing to the group energy that he received. Exchanges of love, in its purest form. 

Another fire, no rain. Some of the women had brought paranormal equipment to ‘play’ with. Most of you know that I am open to the spirit realm, and have talked to and channelled spirit at times, but also that I cut it off out of fear too. I also believe in Santa, without reservation. And in the faerie folk. I have always been open to the presence of other creatures or aliens, and some of you will recall that I was activated earlier this year. 

So, when L suggested that we look out for space craft flying through the sky after she and S had seen one, I was open to the experience and to learning. 


S and I were going to bed at the same time. We started to chat. She works at night after we all go to sleep, every night. She reprograms grids, aka changing the world patterns through healing. S does this on a massive scale. We talked about the macro and the micro of healing. This conversation carried into the next day after we all arose and went into the woods. 

I could feel my mind opening well before I tapped into S’s head. When you know someone is a great healer and they ask you to lay hands on their head, there is no experience more intimidating and humbling. I described what I had seen the day before by way of colours on S, and she validated what I had seen. I felt the need to tap on her head, and she validated and explained this. Full stop, she validated me as healer. My mind was opening. 

Time to leave, begrudgingly. 

I had a mentoring session booked with S on the following day but beyond that, it was goodbye. 

I had experienced weeping and sore eyes all weekend. I didn’t know why but understood on some level that my eyes were adjusting to something. And I trusted this. 

L followed the same route out that we had followed in. It didn’t look the same to me. I quizzed her. She asked me to describe what I was seeing. Brightness. Vivid colours, clear shades of colour within that. Everything was clearer. The brightness hurt my eyes and I needed to wear sunglasses to mute it. 

L laughed, “Welcome to the fifth dimension.” 

Shocked. And then, after we arrived at her home, and I met the pups and chatted with her partner, I googled. And yes, fifth dimension as well as some sixth dimension stuff. 


My session with S was “there are no words”. My life has been transformed wholly by this trip to Minnesota. My life will manifest everything that I learned and gained. It was phenomenal. I wholly love these people. 

But beyond this, I consolidated my tribal relationships with both M and L, as well as adding a few more. These people have become my second home, outside of Australia. It was harder leaving both M and L this time than it originally had been in India. 

Meh. I’m still struggling to be parted from them. And from MM in Fremantle. I understand we have our own work to do but I wish they were all closer. Thank god for technological advancements. 

In time, I’m sure I will say more about this part of my trip but for now, I am holding Minnesota close to my heart. 

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