Grand Rapids, Minnesota

This is what I am sitting in, immersing myself in, breathing in. No words. Quiet reflection. Deep stillness. Just being. 
Lynn was invited to a friend’s cabin for the weekend with other women; a witch retreat if you will. Everyone here is a healer and/or lightworker in some fashion. 

It’s very quiet. My heart and mind are still. My being wholly in the moment is coming easier and more organically. I have just sat for hours now. Chatting when it arises, being when there is no chat. It’s warm, my skin is pinkening, and there is an increasingly strong breeze. Just shifting the energies, clearing out the debris, all that no longer serves. 

I really am no longer shy. The odd moment of anxiety but I breathe through it, acknowledge it and then slip into trust. It feels very liberating. 

Time out is such a precious gift to give to the soul; living in it and manifesting a life that is always balanced is the rarest, most vital gift. 

Take some time to be outside today. Close your eyes and notice what you hear and feel. What do you see. Acknowledge your thoughts as you continue to breathe – deeply. Just be. Try to stay there for five minutes. Record how you feel after. I’ll bet it changes your day. 


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