Life is an amazing trip; unexpected twists and turns take us to unexpected places. I remember when I was younger, vowing I would never travel to America because it’s international press was very unflattering. I can be so ignorant at times. 

I loved New York for its underlying magick and pulse. I love Minnesota for its people and beautiful environment. Everything is so green, clean and fresh. 

This is a place I never would have visited if not for India, and meeting Michele and Lynn. This is an experience that would never have been had.

I am so grateful that it has been. 

What a charmed life this girl from Campbelltown is living. People have often told me that my choice to take leave and try other things took courage. For me, at the time, I felt it differently. If I didn’t change something my soul would have died. My life was no longer serving me, and probably hadn’t been for a long time. 

Today, sitting outside Target in Woodbury, Minnesota, a warm summer day with a beautiful clean breeze blowing, having packed my cases in Michele’s car, waiting for a massage and then to Lynn’s for a few days, I understand the courage. 

Every day requires courage to live fully. It might be easier to adhere to the status quo and live an ordinary life, but it is not easy nor rewarding or fulfilling. 

I love the turns my life is taking. I love that my heart is open and willing to form these incredibly strong connections with people. I love that my life, and I, am not ordinary. 

I really don’t know where I’m going. It is somewhat liberating. I have ideas. I’m trying them out. I’m open. 

I do know that I don’t want to move backwards. Life is too rich to live it in a cage. There is so much to see, to do, to experience to be a prisoner to responsibility and routine. Work is important; it pays the bills and enables life. But work cannot be all that there is, and for so long, for me, it has been. I do live my life in fear sometimes but increasingly less so now. I am grateful for the small bursts of courage that empower me to book tickets and do differently.

This year I have snorkelled, I have visited different places, I have reconnected with important people, I am studying, I am writing, I am businessing, and I drove a boat yesterday. 

I am doing. And I am zen. I feel a peace and fulfilment and ability to be wholly present in the moment most of the time. The rewards of courage and connection. 

Today, I urge you, try something different, do something different, something small even, and see where it takes you … 

we all deserve this. 


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