Everyone Should …

Well. There won’t be any surprises in this post I don’t think. Everyone should travel sometimes. or move out of their comfort zone. Try different things. Be brave.

Remember, it only takes twenty seconds of courage to change your life. Twenty seconds.

My soul learns and affirms so much when I get out of my own way.

However, there were some worriesome minutes at LAX where I thought I was going to be sent right back home. For the line at Customs that I was in, there were three officers checking our credentials and suitability. One officer was taking longer than the others and did not crack one hint of a smile … ever.

Guess who I got.

Questioned my job, questioned my timing of holiday, looked at every stamp in my passport, questioned the sense in visiting people I had only known for a week, met in a retreat, for meditation, in India. I tried my level headed best to stay confident and upbeat. I was shaking inside. And I had nothing to hide. Imagine how terrorists and criminals must feel. 

There are moments in life that I think are spoiled on the young; they do not possess enough history to recognize them. I definitely didn’t. 

From LA to Minneapolis I sat next to two young people whom had never met. Suffice to say, they had a moment. They should be together. I don’t think they recognized it. I will be writing their story. 

Then, the first reunion. My soul lit up as I saw Michele and was reunited with one of my tribe. Magic. I met her incredible family and her young son spoke to me in Australian. It was gold. 

Today I had a massage. A therapy massage. Oh my. Never will I go to the Square or Narellan again. We did some work on my chakras, and I had the most magical and transformative journey. A clearer vision of where I want to go was gifted to me. Each day, I move further away from full time high school teaching and, each day, I feel closer to understanding it all. 

Only movement away from our comfort zone enables and empowers this type of rapid growth and elucidation. 

I love it. 

Target trolleys (carts). Weird lookin’ things. I think it’s the color. 

Make your own Salad. Someone needs to franchise this in Australia. 

This will be a door in my wellness clinic. 

Watertowers letting me know where I am – Woodbury, Minnesota. 

Barnes and Noble. A big store. On its own. God bless America. 

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