What a week! 

Tina is exhausted. Surgery last Friday, workshop and comedienne on Saturday, slept Sunday, taught and tutored Monday, organized tutoring lessons for the week Tuesday, tutored Tuesday and Wednesday, grocery shopped Wednesday and had lunch with a friend, worked today and tutored after work, working tomorrow and tutoring after work. Tutoring and mentoring all day Saturday. Teaching and tutoring Monday and Wednesday next week (at this point). Leaving for the US the following Monday. Tutoring every day next week including Saturday. 

Two days off before I head overseas. 

Tina is exhausted. Tina is also very happy. 

I have almost mastered this living in the present thing. Happiness empowers one to move from one second to the next with ease. It also empowers one to sift through the garbage; I don’t react to everything anymore. I pick the battles. I pick the moments. 

It brings me happiness. It inspires happiness. Happiness enables it. 

The purpose of life is happiness. 

Every action and every choice should lead to and enable that. If it doesn’t, fuck it off. 

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