Patience … again 

I have procrastinated organising medical appointments I have needed to make for a few weeks. Just didn’t feel the mojo. Possibly some fear. I have enough unknown going on that I just couldn’t face more, maybe. 

Anyway, appointments all made, leading up to a few days before I head overseas. It’s always a relief when you can tick things from your To Do List. A huge relief, if only I remembered that feeling when confronted with things I procrastinate doing. I may learn one day … we shall see. 

Also, my business has been fielding a lot of enquiries and I now have Tuesday to Friday almost fully booked. On those days that I am privileged enough to gain casual work, I am going to be working a hell of a lot of hours.

But I am happy. 

And I almost had patience, knowing that the business would take a while to settle. 

I love the tutoring though; kids that want to learn. It makes a huge difference. 

Now I just need to finish my studies for my Masters in Holistic Counselling and finish my books. 

Please don’t be offended my friends and family when I just can’t see you. Those silly Facebook memes that suggest someone who doesn’t see you just doesn’t care, don’t take into account people that are trying to establish multiple careers all at once … 

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