Birthday Lessons 

Oh my. What a beautiful birthday I have had. Getting home from dinner at 1.30 this morning after driving through very thick, ghostly fog. How happy am I. 

I woke up on my birthday, and vacuumed and mopped the floors. The rest of the house I had cleaned on my birthday eve. I showered and Karyn arrived, ready to teach me MYOB. I loved learning it. I loved the logic in the process. A very patient teacher, she resisted the temptation to take the mouse from me, or so I thought. 

We had been working steadily for two or so hours and Karyn told me she needed to give me some tests to see if I could remember what to do. Lol. I thought it was weird but I complied. 

All of a sudden she said we needed to move around a bit. I said we needed to go and get lunch. I suggested I drive as I locked the house up, intending to shout her lunch at the beautiful cafe at Tahmoor Garden Centre. She suggested we just walk to the local shops and then come back to learn more. 

I thought okay. Walked to the front door only to look through my curtained lounge room window and saw a girl in my front yard, appearing to be reading. I thought it was odd, and would be uncomfortable as we walked past her. Locked the front door and started walking down the driveway to see Karyn talking to the girl. 

She was sitting on a picnic sheet with chairs set up and home made, baked food. 

Took me a minute to realise it was Karyn’s daughter, and my sister – sixteen years I have known her, we have travelled together, worked together, laughed together – you get the point. Yep, took me a bit to realise we weren’t going beyond the gate and these two had organised and cooked a birthday lunch for me. 

Overwhelmed. Touched. Soooooooo surprised and touched, but that doesn’t really cover it. It was beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. 

And then my daughter and son in law arrived to eat with us, and again, took me a bit to realise what was going on. Smart but not smart 😂. 

We ate, talked, moved inside, played ten rounds of Scattergories, they left, I showered, dressed and headed to the Catholic Club to meet some people for dinner. 

Great conversation. Thank you Nic, and Margo, and Kate, and Mel. What a night! Tears, laughter, swearing, good food, good company … and realistically, we could have kept talking until the club closed at four. 

Oh my Lord. Thank you. I feel calm, at peace, blissful and blessed. 

And the birthday lessons:

~ we have to make clear what we want

~ the more baggage we resolve and articulate outside of our heads, the more chance there is that we have made room for the good to enter our life

~ sometimes we have to embrace the present moment completely and trust that we are exactly where we are meant to be

~ sometimes our real tribe is not who we think it is. Last year in India, I met a fair few from my tribe, and I think tonight I added a few more. 

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me in some way today (yesterday) to wish me a happy birthday. Your wishes were fulfilled and I had an amazing day. 

Thank you. Much love ❤🙏🏻

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