2017 Recap Thus Far

January – the month of catch ups and anxiety over finances

February – the month of exploration and travel, and letting go of anxiety 

March – the month of movement forward and ownership

April – the month of health issues coming to the fore and reclaiming the dream 

It is my forty sixth birthday on Wednesday. Forty six sounds so old. It doesn’t feel old. Realistically I’m probably half way through this life. A lot of road to still cover. 

The first forty six have empowered me to do many things and be many things. I am very grateful for all of the challenges, all of the joys, all of the people, all that I have encountered that has shaped me into who I am today. 

I am Tina. 

I am a writer, healer, teacher, mentor and friend. 

I am a sister, aunt, daughter, mother, cousin, niece. 

I am a witch. 

I am a traveller, reader, socialist, vegetarian, TV addict, thinker. 

I am dreaded, tattooed, once pierced, liberated. 

I am often spread too thin, only learning now to put my needs first. 

I am sensitive and often feel the pain of others as if it were my own. I am tired. I am protecting myself. 

I am strong and I am resilient. I am able to work through the obstacles and challenges that confront me to attain peace. 

I am always learning, growing, being. 

I am present, moreso today than yesterday, always. 

I am surrounded by love and safe in my very eclectic tribe. I am alone. I am solitude. I am free. 

I am open. I am an explorer. I am a watcher. I am spiritual and I am deeply moved by the beauty and the ferocity of the natural world. I am peace. 

I am here. I am now. I am then. I am. 

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