Complicated? No. 

The situation in Syria is complicated, they say. I’m not so sure. Putin aligned with Assad against Trump. And today, North Korea led by Kim Jong un in Trump’s line of sight. 

And what all of these men have in common is two-fold: operating from ego and serious mental health issues. 

This isn’t complicated. Difficult to fix, but not complicated. 

And the solution comes down to all of us. These leaders need to be removed. They are not serving the common interests of the world. If we were to ask the average person what they wanted for our world, I don’t think too many would suggest war as a priority. 

Because war breeds fear, and causes injury and death. No parent wants to sacrifice their child to this. And for what? The feeding of male ego. 

Seriously, makes no sense. We have allowed our world to become dominated by fear mongering, ignorant, inhumane, ego driven males. 

Why? Why? Why? 

Can we not see any potential for a different world?

I think we all need to take our right to vote more seriously because when we don’t, this is what we get. And whilst this is better than living under the regime of a dictator, realistically, I’m not sure we are enough away from it. 

2 thoughts on “Complicated? No. 

  1. Well said. Personally, North Korea has worried me more than Russia for quite a long time. Sure, both both Putin and Kim Jong un are amoral petty desposts with matching egos but there is a significant difference. Their both the sort of me who can’t accept defeat and will go to extraordinary in order to avoid it. Putin however, is a cunning fox. He will keep fighting long beyond when most would give up, developing new strategies. His power base is in the strength of his supporters (other plutocrat thugs). He enjoys adulation but winning is his true joy and that means leaving enough people alive (crippled and bleeding) and aware of his superiority. Kim Jong in however is spoiled child. He sees himself as a god. His power has not been earned by being the most vicious kid in the sandbox, it was inherited. Just like any spoiled child, he sees himself as the only important person in the universe. He expects to be worshiped by everyone around him. Whether that’s 5 people or 25 million doesn’t matter, it just has to be everyone. So rather than risk losing being god of the sandbox, Kim Jong un is the sort smash that sandbox and scatter the sand to the winds, retaining a small bucket of sand to himself and a couple of worshippers to watch him play with it. In other words, Kim Jong in is the sort of bloke who will happily destroy the world whilst he sits happily in a superbly prepared doomsday bunker with a handful of carefully chosen worshippers. Luckily thus far, no one has been stupid enough to back him into a corner and force such a choice. Unfortunately now foolish voters have given us a presidential Trump. Trump and King Jong un are not opposite sides of the same coin. They are the same coin, just in different bloody languages! This could get very nasty.

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